China Tea Startups Introduces White Tea Cakes to the West: Teasenz

LogoTraditionally, black tea has been the most popular tea type worldwide. However, in recent years, green and white tea have become better known, as the less processed leaves contain more antioxidants. "More and more scientific studies support the health claims related to white tea consumption. This combined with the constant media attention has resulted in white tea becoming an alternative to black tea and coffee," says Lisa Lin, manager at Teasenz.

Teasenz: Chinese Tea Startup Applies Environmental Friendly Sourcing

LogoDue to the growing middle class in China, tea prices have surged in the recent years. As more and more farmers are entering the market, competition for talent is fierce. As a consequence wages for tea pickers have improved significantly in the past few years.

Global Tea Retailer Teasenz Offers Tea History in a Box

LogoThis tea box is made from bamboo and includes a steeping guide by Teasenz as well as notes on the history of each tea by Laszlo Montgomery of the China History Podcast (CHP).

Local Businesses Seek to Source Chinese Tea Direct from China

LogoCoffee has always been the most popular beverage in many Western countries, but industry experts say that change is brewing. According to the Tea Association of USA, consumers are seeking out unique and exotic teas and expect annual increases between 10-15%. Given this trend, more and more tea serving businesses, including hotels, restaurants and cafes are seeking to source Chinese tea direct from China.