Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC

The Elkan Group Extends Even More Than Just A Hand – They Extended Their Grant Fund

It couldn’t have been a better day for Samuel Anderson, Managing Partner of Tekbrokers VENTURES, LLC. The deal was signed and what it did was extend the reach of the Grant Fund earmarked for law enforcement to sign-up on the latest and most advanced technology utilizing the Internet and mobile technology for citizens to report crimes including many advanced features never before used in this concept and method.

The Latest In Advanced Mobile Online Police Reporting Has A New Friend – The Elkan Group

It’s every Police Chief’s worst nightmare: a police department that is under staffed and under budget. And until recently, cities had no real funding for advancing technology with their citizens. Then the BobCOP system was introduced, giving cities, municipalities, and ordinary citizens a vital communication tool to be used for reporting non-suspect crimes and tips with complaints and much more by using the Internet. And now, to assist cities and law enforcement agencies in signing up, BobCOP has secured over six million dollars in grant money specifically earmarked to allow cities to initially sign up and take advantage of the Mobile Ready System.

New Software Will Allow Police to Take Citizen Complaints-Police Reports Online Including Mobile Devices

If you’ve ever had to call the police for something minor, then you know the drill: A citizen calls the police with a relatively minor complaint (barking dog, prank phone calls, minor vandalism, etc), and the police send someone out within a few hours or even days to ask questions and gather the facts. Typically, an investigation is not done then and there – the officer is merely present to gather the “who, what, where, and when.” Then the officer takes this information back to the station and, if warranted, an investigation begins.

Forward Thinking Business Combine Forces To Assist Government Agencies, Cities And Municipalities With National Security

By offering money and technical expertise, any entity can now utilize technology without worry of cost or what Washington has allotted them.