Telinc Corporation

Telinc Corporation Now Offers WAN and Communication Test Equipment

Telinc Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets Wide Area Network access products and communications test equipment. WAN and Test equipment is the need of every corporation in today’s fast paced world. With Telinc WAN and Test Equipment, companies will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Telinc Introduces New Very Easy to Use Link Simulator

Telinc introduces easy to use Link Simulator that simulates a communication link, inserting delays and introducing errors so users can determine what effects these impairments will have on their systems. It can be used in many applications including testing protocols and error correction techniques. Their Link Simulator can stimulate a variety of communication facilities including a DDS line with CSU/DSU on each end, a T-1 line with T-1 CSU’s on each end and many more.

Telinc Corporation Announces Designing, Development, Manufacturing and Marketing Services

The Telinc T-Scope T1 Analyzer is the industry’s first T-1 tester on a PCMCIA card. It transforms a laptop into a sophisticated Drop-and-Insert T-1 tester and monitor. One can measure the performance of T-1 and fractional T-1 facilities, T-1 CSUs, as well as T-1 multiplexers, and be able to continue to use the computer for other applications while not testing.