Save 8 to 22% of Water & Sewer Bills with the Teravalve Water Conservation Valve

LogoJust by correcting the water meter measurement and reducing air slugs in the water system can help users save thousands of dollars every year. The TeraValve water conservation valve works on a patented technology that can 'reduce the gallons per minute being used in non volumetric uses such as showers, sinks, irrigation and processing facilities'.

TeraValve Offers Revolutionary Water Valve to Save Water and Sewer Bills Nationwide

LogoBe it a property management company, hotel, food processing unit, etc. reduction in water and sewer bills is a must. High excess volume will eventually lead to water waste and increased charges. Installing a water reducing valve is important and every place must have it to normalize their water bills. A valve can regulate the pressure and this keeps the water waste under control.

Teravalve Introduces Water Conservation Valve That Can Save Water Bill by 10% to 30%

LogoTeraValve has developed a patented water savings valve that can save thousands of dollars in water and sewage bills for commercial water users. The company also offers a performance guarantee after conducting a comprehensive audit by their water conservation specialists. Besides installing the system, TeraValve also offers to monitor, control and report progress 24x7.

Save More on Water Bills with TeraValve

LogoRising water and sewer bills is a serious concern globally, but TeraValve seems to have the solution for it. The leading water saving product Development Company has reportedly assured an average 12 percent savings on water bills through its revolutionary water conservation valve.

Patent Issued for Revolutionary Water Valve Guarantees over 10% Water Savings

LogoThe North American commercial establishments lamenting over staggering water bills can finally heave a sigh of relief- TeraValve has arrived with a revolutionary patented water valve which can assure 10% to as much as 25 % of water savings.