Texas Air Authorities

Give That Air Conditioning System the Love It Deserves This Month

As part of American Heart Month, the good guys at Texas Air Authorities are urging fellow Texans to focus on their hearts by giving these powerful workhorses the TLC they deserve. It's no secret that folks with strong hearts improve their chances of living longer, healthier and happier lives. That's why a healthy heart is a worthwhile investment.

Lasso Some Colossal Savings in 2018

Now that the craziness of the holidays has come and gone, homeowners are often saddled with a pile of bills. Texas Air Authorities reckons that most folks are on a budget these days. And the post-holiday rush doesn't always allow much wiggle room for extra expenses.

Lock Up Holiday Savings with Texas Air Authorities' Coupons

Brrrr! Who turned off the heat in these parts? Whoever it was, the timing couldn't be worse for homeowners who put off pre-season inspections of their heating systems.

Weigh the Evidence Before Repairing or Replacing an Air Conditioner

Decisions. Decisions. When a previously reliable air conditioning system goes on the fritz, is it better to repair it or replace it?

Ghoulish Sounds in a Heating System Are Never in Season

At this time of year, clangs, bangs, rattles and creaks belong in haunted houses. They shouldn't be flowing out of the heating system.

Cornhole Champions Draw on Skill, Experience to Win

Texans have a reputation for playing big and winning big. That's probably why the game of cornhole has caught on like wildfire here. The Texas Cornhole League, which is now 800 members strong, just awarded nearly $18,000 in total prize money at its seventh state championship in Abilene in June.