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Studies Support Anti-Aging Properties of Green Tea Extract; Topical Use in Eye Serums and Facial Creams Can Help Skin Retain Its Youthful Appearance Longer

LogoA recent study has confirmed the anti-aging properties of green tea extract, one of the antioxidant ingredients found in the popular eye serum, THAT Eye Cream™.

THAT Eye Cream Announces New Customer Special; Deep Discount Code Available for Popular Vitamin C Eye Gel

LogoTHAT Eye Cream™ recently announced a special discount designed for new customers eager to try the brand's All-In-One Eye Gel with Vitamin C. By visiting the special deal page ( interested consumers are able to receive instant access to significant savings on their first bottle of the multi-purpose eye gel.

Beauty Sleep Is No Joke when It Comes to Preventing Dark Circles, Puffy Eyes and a Dull Complexion

LogoIt's not uncommon to hear a woman say she needs to get her beauty rest. Usually it's said in a joking manner and regarded as a humorous way of saying it's time to go to bed. As it turns out, beauty sleep is a very real and important component of how a person looks and feels.

Back to School Beauty: Working Moms Face Unique Challenges Balancing Work and Family Responsibilities While Maintaining a Professional Appearance

LogoWorking moms perform a daily juggling act that would make a professional clown jealous. In the midst of back to school preparations and making adjustments to new and busier schedules, balancing work, family and "me" time becomes extremely difficult for the majority of women. Maintaining a professional appearance while keeping up with responsibilities can be a seemingly impossible challenge.

Eye Serum Addresses Common Beauty Problems: THAT Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles on Sale This Week

LogoThe eyes form the centerpiece of one's appearance - but when dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles appear, the result is not pretty. For many women it can lead to a diminished sense of self confidence, often preventing them from enjoying life to its fullest. In addition, these issues can give others an incorrect impression about a person's lifestyle or health status.

Best Anti Aging Eye Cream Plus Skin Care Routine Is Greatest Defense Against Old-Looking Eyes

LogoFew characteristics impact a woman's beauty like the eyes do. That's one reason many women worry about early signs of aging such as eye wrinkles, puffy bags and dark circles. According to THAT Eye Cream™, using the right anti aging eye cream along with a solid skin care plan can go a long way toward being able to enjoy a more youthful appearance.

The Best Eye Cream for 20s Is Oil-Free and Absorbs Quickly

LogoWomen in their twenties have completely different skin issues compared to their forty and fifty-something mothers, aunts and bosses. There are a few things they have in common though, including puffy eyes and dark circles. The reasons for them might be different, but these two conditions do not discriminate.

THAT Eye Cream for Puffiness and Dark Circles Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

LogoTHAT Eye Cream™, an established leader in skin care solutions for the under-eye area, today announced the plans for its upcoming 1st anniversary celebration.

Eye Creams for Dark Circles May Not Be Enough to Improve the Appearance of Under-Eye Skin

LogoMany women and men are quick to reach for eye creams designed to treat dark circles at the first sign of discoloration under their eyes. Sometimes this is the right action to take. However, there are many causes for dark under eye circles, many of which are not related to proper skin care.

Under Eye Serum Offers Benefits when Applied Before Moisturizer

LogoWomen with certain skin conditions both under and around the eyes know how difficult it can be to find a solution. Even the best facial moisturizers can fall short when a person suffers from under eye bags, puffiness or dark circles. In these instances, using an under eye serum first may help.