The Apogee Foundation

Apogee Foundation Honored with SBCA Best of Business Award

LogoApogee has received its second major award this year recognizing both the Foundation's philanthropic achievements and its best-in-class business practices.

Apogee Celebrates a New Era of Success in Fostering Creative Excellence Around the World

LogoThe Apogee Foundation has announced that in its 2009/2010 season it will build on its historic record of success by introducing new multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural programs empowering creative excellence worldwide.

Apogee Awards Laureates Shine in Command Performances at Apogee Artists Odessa Concert Series

LogoThe Apogee Foundation is presenting a series of virtuoso concert events in Odessa featuring Apogee Awards laureates from five leading music academies in Belarus, Moldova, Switzerland and Ukraine.

Apogee Foundation Named Top Non-Profit in the First Annual Fast Pitch Business Awards

LogoThe Apogee Foundation has been selected as the year's “Top Non-Profit” in the inaugural Fast Pitch! Business Awards.

Aurience and Apogee Expand their Alliance to Increase Awareness of the World's Great Performance Arts through the Power of Media and Technology

LogoAurience Ltd, an international media consulting group, and the Apogee Foundation, a global arts philanthropy, are expanding their creative alliance by integrating Aurience's media and technology enhancements throughout Apogee's programs to discover, develop and celebrate artistic excellence worldwide.

The Apogee Foundation Introduces Programs Fostering Synergy Among the World's Great Spiritual Traditions

LogoApogee is continuing the expansion of its intercultural Synergy Programs by promoting collaboration among musicians representing diverse spiritual traditions around the world.