The Art Of Calligraphy Opens Up Online Gallery and Guide to Assist in Art Form

In Japan, the popular artistic form of writing called calligraphy is known as shodou, meaning “the way of writing”. Unlike in America, it is widely practiced by people of all ages and all walks of life in Japan. Indeed, all Japanese children learn the basics of calligraphy as part of their elementary school education, just as American children learn to write their ABCs. As a means to educate the rest of the world on the beauty that is calligraphy, Nadja Van Ghelue has launched, a website devoted to the discipline and beauty of calligraphy, featuring a studio of prime art examples, supplies needed, including what ink stick should be used, books to assist and a complete guide to the art form. Defines the Various Aspects of This Ancient Art Form

Calligraphy remains popular today and yet its origins may be traced to cave drawings created thousands of years ago. The word calligraphy actually comes from two Greek words which mean writing or drawing and artistic beauty although calligraphy doesn't have to be a thing of beauty as long as it communicates well and is expressively appropriate. Over the years, this method of writing has become an art form that many wish to try their hand at, according to Nadja Van Ghelue of