Healthcare to Be 3D Printing Manufacturers' Largest Market by 2022, the Business Research Company Forecasts

LogoIn 2016, the global aerospace and healthcare markets for 3D printing devices, services and supplies were both worth around $1.2 billion. By 2022, though, as a report from The Business Research Company, 3D Printing Devices, Services and Supplies Market 2014-2022 shows, healthcare will be worth over 30% more than aerospace. Growing government and private funding to support the development of new 3D printing technologies will be a major driver of 3D printing healthcare spend. A growing demand for organ transplantation and the ease of development of customized medical products by 3D printing devices offer new growth opportunities to the companies operating in this market. The use of 3D printing devices is expected to increase in the healthcare industry by 28.6% year on year, which means that in 2022 one fifth of all sales of 3D printing devices, services and supplies will be made to the healthcare industry.

New Report Finds That Pain Management Wearable Devices Are Set to Double, Present Significant Opportunities

LogoThe global market for pain management wearable medical devices is set to double by 2022, a new report from The Business Research Company, Wearable Medical Devices Global Opportunities and Strategies To 2022, shows. Wearable medical devices are small electronic products, often consisting of one or more sensors, that have computational capability. They are embedded into items that are attached to body parts, such as the head, feet, arms, wrists and waist. They can resemble a watch, eyeglasses, clothing, contact lenses, shoes or even jewellery. Straps are currently the most popular way of wearing a medical device, and this segment of the market is growing rapidly, but so are two other segments, headbands and shoe sensors, while handheld and other methods are also growing, but a little less fast.

New Report Shows Telemedicine Technology Market Offers Great Opportunities with 20% Growth a Year

LogoRegulatory anxieties and the possibility of legal liability are impeding the global healthcare industry's adoption of telemedicine, but the global market for telemedicine technology will still grow at nearly 20% year on year to 2022, a new report from The Business Research Company, Global Telemedicine Technology Strategies and Opportunities To 2022 , shows.