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Select the Perfect Corporate Event Menu with Catering by Mario's

LogoPhilly's best corporate catering service, Catering by Mario's is helping local businesses prepare for corporate event sessions by offering delicious catering menus. Although corporate events can be hosted all year long, spring is a popular time of year for businesses to hold events such as seminars, networking mixers, training sessions, and more.

Start Planning Summer Weddings with Catering by Mario's

LogoAlthough sunny skies and warm temperatures are still months away, it's never too early for couples to start planning their summer wedding if they haven't started already. Planning the big day can be difficult and overwhelming, which is why most couples start planning their wedding close to a year before the actual date. Catering by Mario's, the top Philly catering company, has helped couples in the Greater Philadelphia area plan their wedding from start to finish.

Turn to Catering by Mario's for Extra Help This Winter Season

LogoAs we get closer and closer to Christmas and New Year's Eve, many people have probably already begun the early preparation for the holidays. Those who are brave enough to host a party at their home, apartment or condo can easily become overwhelmed with handling everything on their plate. Because of this, Catering By Mario's is proud to offer their top of the line holiday party catering in Bucks County this time of year. With tons of different customization options to their delicious menu of mouth-water food, Catering By Mario's is a popular choice by many every holiday season.

Couples Can Turn to Catering by Mario's for Wedding Planning

LogoAlthough it is often regarded as one of the most joyous days in a person's life, a wedding is a day that should be remembered for the rest of time by both bride, groom and even their guests. A memorable wedding should do nothing but create great memories and good laughs for years to come.

Event Hosts Can Get Help This Holiday Season from Catering by Mario's

LogoAs the cooler weather finally starts to sweep the area, it will soon start to feel more and more like fall. Although it is still only the beginning of fall, it is never too early to begin the preparation for holiday parties. Coming together to decide who is going to host and who is going to help bring dishes is something that should take place well in advance of the holidays. One company that can help make the holidays much easier is Catering by Mario's.

Plan Upcoming Fall Events with Catering by Mario's

LogoWith another Labor Day Weekend in the books, the excitement of fall is just around the corner. As the weather gets nice and the kids go back to school, soon there will tons of parties and fundraisers to attend. Catering by Mario's, the top company for party catering in Philadelphia, can help cater and throw parties for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and other types of get-togethers.

Catering by Mario's Offers a Variety of Buffet Options

LogoCatering By Mario's offers several buffet options for any special occasion, from weddings and bar mitzvahs to corporate events, near Philadelphia. This company's mouthwatering buffets suit a wide variety of preferences and dietary restrictions, and their caterers can personalize the menu for each event.

Start Planning Winter Weddings This Summer with Catering by Mario's

LogoPlanning a wedding is one of the most exciting parts for any couple who is looking forward to their big day. Although it can be stressful at times, those pressures can be easily avoided when choosing Catering by Mario's for assistance. As one of the top catering halls in Philadelphia, Catering by Mario's has helped couples plan their big day for over 40 years.

Take Advantage of the Emerald Ballroom at Catering by Mario's This Summer

LogoWith plenty of weddings taking place across the Greater Philadelphia area this summer, choosing the right catering company in Philly can make or break a wedding. One of the top caterers in Bucks County, Catering by Mario's, is proud to offer up their Emerald Ballroom to those tying the knot this summer. And although this summer is just getting started, it's also not too early to plan for next summer.

Catering by Mario's Takes the Stress out of Wedding Catering

LogoThe time is approaching as brides and their families begin to feel the excitement of the big day. But what is touted as the most joyous of occasions can also prove to be one of the most stressful ones.