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Catering by Mario's Now Offering 2014 Holiday Party Catering in Philadelphia & Its Surrounding Counties

LogoThe 2014 Holiday Season is officially in full swing, and those who are looking to have their holiday party catered this year should look no further than Philadelphia’s own Catering By Mario’s. In fact, Catering By Mario’s is eager to announce that they are now offering party catering services in Philadelphia, PA and its surrounding counties for November or December 2014 holiday parties.

Catering by Mario's Announces Corporate Catering Services in Philadelphia This October

LogoCatering by Mario’s announces they are now offering Philadelphia catering services for corporate events this October. Whether events are off-site, or hosted at one of the company’s elegant banquet facilities, Catering by Mario’s has over 20 years of Philly party catering experience. The company makes corporate events not only delicious, but memorable.

Catering by Mario's Offering Exceptional Cocktail Hour Menus at Their Richmond Banquet Hall This Fall

LogoCatering By Mario’s is pleased to announce they’re offering exceptional cocktail hour menus at their Richmond Banquet Hall this fall. For those in search of a catering company to supply delicious food and a beautiful surrounding area, should book their wedding at Catering By Mario’s. When it comes to choosing food, this catering company can help.

Catering by Mario's Now Offering a Delicious Omelette Station This August

LogoCatering By Mario’s is pleased to announce their delicious omelette station this August. Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day. Why not start the day out right with a yummy and delicious meal?

Catering by Mario's Now Offers a Beautiful Setting for a Summer Bridal Party

LogoBridal showers are an extremely important part of a wedding. This event allows everyone to gather and socialize before the wedding. People often give items for the house and anything else she may need. There’s food, dancing and alcohol.

Catering by Mario's Now Offering Meeting Management Services This Summer

LogoWhen corporations that have branches and employees stationed around the globe, planning a corporate meeting can become a lengthy and stressful ordeal. Owners must make sure the location they choose has accommodations for all attendees, while staying within budget. As corporate meetings are being planned in various locations for the summer, Catering By Mario's is excited to announce they are now offering their services for meeting management to corporate businesses.

Catering by Mario's Now Hosting and Planning Weddings at Their Banquet Hall

LogoWhen planning a wedding, it is important to make sure a venue is reserved well ahead of the big day. With an elegant and stylish catering hall that is perfect for weddings, Catering By Mario's is pleased to announce they are now hosting and planning weddings at their banquet hall, Richmond Hall. With hardwood floors, plenty of tables and chairs, as well as a huge dance area, the facility is spacious, and will be decorated in accordance to the wishes of the lucky couple.

Catering by Mario's Now Offering Their Services for Catering Showers This Spring

LogoWhen searching for that perfect company in Philadelphia to plan a shower, there are only a select number of places that provide a variety of menu options and a comfortable atmosphere for the event. This spring, Catering By Mario's is excited to announce they are now offering their services for catering and planning bridal and baby showers for their valued customers. As a full service catering and event planning company, the professionals have the expertise to plan and execute a memorable and stress free shower for the woman of honor. They are able to take any special requests and offer affordable pricing for the convenience of their clientele.

Catering by Mario's Announces Services for Catering Golf Outings This Spring Season

LogoWith the spring weather approaching, many companies and organizations are planning annual golf outings that promote a particular product or brand. More than just a day of golf, those who participate in the outing are treated to a meal as the round ends. Persons in charge of the event want to ensure everything goes smoothly and the attendants enjoy their day on the course. When needing a reliable company to cater the event for specific needs, Catering By Mario’s is pleased to announce they will be offering their services for golf outings this spring season.

Catering by Mario's Now Offering Their Services for Fundraisers This Spring 2014

LogoPlanning a fundraiser is no easy task. It takes a lot of preparation, from the venue to the atmosphere and decorations to the food options. To ensure the event runs smoothly and all guests in attendance have a pleasant time, Catering By Mario’s is pleased to announce they are now offering their services for planning, managing, and catering fundraisers this spring 2014 season. Whether it’s a non-profit organization, benefit for an individual or group, or to raise awareness for a particular issue, the most important thing at any fundraiser is the experience of the guests.