The Clarion Group

Enjoy Wire-Free Access to Internet & Data with Flexible Wireless Communication Data Products from the Clarion Group

LogoUK's premier independent voice and data provider, The Clarion Group offers flexible and productive wireless data communications products which can help the individuals in enjoying wire-free access to internet and data. Whether it is an office, home, café, hospital, hotel or shopping centre, these wireless communication products provide the users with high-speed and reliable wireless communication. There are multiple benefits of the wireless services such as high mobility, reduced infrastructure costs, improved response and extended network. The various wireless services provided by The Clarion Group include Managed Services, Managed Wi-Fi, Security, and Coverage Service.

The Clarion Group Offers IT and Telephony Equipment to Both Public & Private Sectors in the UK

LogoThe Clarion Group, the UK's premier independent voice and data provider, offers an extensive range of remanufactured IT and Telephony equipment to both Public & Private Sectors in the UK. They source IT and Telephony equipment in good condition from some of the leading companies across the United Kingdom, who often upgrades their equipment. Then, they refurbish them and make them look like new, delivering seamless user experience. They offer a range of warranty options depending on equipment required and budget. Their phone system handsets come with an industry-beating 36 month warranty that shows their confidence in refurbishing process. They pack all of their products using the highest grade packaging materials to ensure safety during transit.

Boost Client and Staff Confidence with Business Continuity Solutions from the Clarion Group

LogoOne of the UK's premier business telephone service providers, The Clarion Group offers one-of-a-kind business continuity solutions with an aim to make organisations resilient to issues from natural disasters to a major security breach, helping them boost client and staff confidence like never before. For over 20 years, they have been actively operating in the industry, and within this time span has built an extraordinary team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who leave no stone unturned to fulfill clients requirements, beyond their expectations. Their experts work in parallel with clients to get a clear view of their business requirements and provide them effective business continuity solutions, keeping in mind their business niche and budget.