The CoasterDad Project

CoasterDad Announces "Behind the Scenes at Knott's" Event

LogoThe CoasterDad Project announced today their second Southern California Theme Park Tour, this time featuring exclusive behind the scenes access at Knott's Berry Farm. On June 19-20, 2014, "CoasterDad" Will Pemble, his family and video team will visit the famous Cedar Fair theme park in Buena Park, California.

With Realscreen West in Full Swing, YouTubers Keep on Keeping On

LogoThe all important Sizzle Reel, a time honored video presentation format designed to pitch characters and concepts to television networks, may be going the way of the movieola, as so-called YouTubers continue to break the code for the immensely successful unscripted television genera.

Reality TV Tunes in to YouTube for Ideas, Characters, Content

LogoEverybody who's anybody in the Reality TV Business is in Santa Monica, California this week, attending Real Screen West, a leading reality TV industry conference. In it's sixth year, the conference is expected to bring together over 1,000 reality television creators, producers and service providers along with network executives and buyers, essentially deciding what the reality television viewing public will be watching in the year to come. Giving Away Knott's Berry Farm Tickets for Father's Day

LogoThe CoasterDad Project announced today that it will be giving away 10 Tickets to Knott's Berry Farm to fans, subscribers, and followers of the popular YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, and Website.

"CoasterDad" Will Pemble Expands Science Education Program Beyond Roller Coasters

LogoWhat began as a father-son backyard project has grown into a worldwide education and parenting phenomenon. The well known story of how Will Pemble created The CoasterDad Project after his son asked him to build a backyard roller coaster, looks to be just the beginning of Pemble's journey into the world of "Physics, Family and Fun." The man named "An early favorite for father of the year," by Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos, is stepping up his already impressive game.

Entrepreneur Takes Reality TV Approach to Teaching Science & Math

LogoWill Pemble's science education website has gone viral. Pemble's YouTube Channel and website chronicle the adventures of the now-famous backyard roller coaster builder Will Pemble, who designs and builds these privately owned amusement rides. While Pemble is the anchor, or host, of the show, the cast of characters varies from one episode to the next. Pemble's son, Lyle, an avid roller coaster fan and veritable encyclopedia of theme park trivia, contributes his expertise, leading site walks with other kids, and making design recommendations to his dad. " started when Lyle asked me to build a roller coaster in our back yard. I loved the challenge and the adventure of the project. Even more, I was amazed at the endless fascination kids had about the project. We turned our backyard into a worldwide physics classroom with kids lining up for learning," said Pemble about the genesis of

The CoasterDad Project Announces California Park Tour

LogoThe CoasterDad Project announced today that founders Will and Lyle Pemble plan to tour amusement parks in Southern California in support of Project Based Learning, and Physics and Science Education. Founded in 2013 by the Entrepreneur Will Pemble, The CoasterDad Project builds backyard roller coasters, conducts science experiments, and travels to interesting destinations teaching parents and kids about their particular brand of "Physics, Family, and Fun," according to the The CoasterDad Project website. Recently, the Youtube videos created by The CoasterDad Project have begun to gain traction and are showing signs of viral growth and popularity.

Backyard Roller Coaster Project Stays on Track

LogoThe CoasterDad Project, an organization that teaches kids math and science by building backyard roller coasters has its latest project well underway in Northern California. The company's latest backyard roller coaster is being built for the family of local business owner Jeff Jerge. "When my son found the CoasterDad videos online, he couldn't talk about anything else," said Mr. Jerge. "Abraham watched the videos over and over, and started drawing pictures what his roller coaster would look like.

While Many Reality TV Shows Appeal to Lowest Common Denominator, Videos Help Kids Do the Math, a website that promotes science and math education by building backyard roller coasters, is gaining popularity through online videos that document their projects and introduce key concepts related to backyard roller coaster construction.

Crowdfunded Backyard Roller Coaster Project Thrills Kids, Educators

LogoWith a $9,250 goal has launched a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo to support the construction of a Backyard Roller Coaster, to be awarded to a US family to be named later.