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Dallas Diamond Broker Shares Facts About Diamond Formation

LogoThe Diamond Broker shares facts about the formation of the titular precious stone to help buyers learn more about the value, history and importance of their investment. In addition to the Four Cs that determines the quality of the stone, it’s important for the buyer to know a bit about the natural process behind diamond creation and why they’ve become a symbol of eternal commitment in the modern era. The fascinating process takes millions of years and occurs far below the surface of the Earth. When one sees a diamond, one sees carbon in its most concentrated form, the same carbon that accounts for 18% of the weight of the human body. Around the world there is no other gemstone as cherished as the diamond, but in truth they are no less common than many other precious stones.

Dallas Diamond Broker Offers Guidelines to Selecting the Ideal Engagement Ring

LogoThe Diamond Broker of Dallas, Texas has provided a helpful breakdown of tips every diamond buyer should know when getting ready to take the plunge. Buying an engagement ring is an important investment and it’s important to choose the right stone and setting that communicates the depth of the commitment and reflects quality.