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Heller Approach Acting Studio Stars Continue to Shine on TV and Movies

LogoThe Heller Approach Acting Studio continues to cement its reputation as one of the leading acting institutions in Hollywood; with its talents finding their mark in various projects on TV and Cinema. Tony Nicholson, Herman Rosales, and Brad Heller are currently involved with several high-profile productions that are currently running or filming. Nicholson, who is also known as a personal trainer and fitness coach, will soon flex his acting muscles in an upcoming film starring Jackie Chan. Rosales recently appeared in The Rookie; while Heller is set to appear in season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Tyler Blackburn Marks Seven Years in Pretty Little Liars

LogoAmerican actor Tyler Blackburn has recently carved a milestone on television by appearing in the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars for a total of seven years. Blackburn plays Caleb Rivers, a street-smart bad boy with a shady past who provides phone upgrades and fixes for people for money; and who in alternate turns becomes a spy, an Information Risk Analyst, a Social Media Consultant, and then Security for the Sanitarium-turned Hotel The Radley. Apart from his role on Pretty Little Liars, he has also dabbled in singing, independent cinema, and is currently slated to star in the TV series Roswell, New Mexico as Alex Manes. The sheer diversity of his roles shows his range and effortless ability to inhabit different characters for film and TV. Part of this success is his use of The Heller Approach to acting. Blackburn has worked with top Hollywood acting coach professor Brad Heller at The Heller Approach Acting Studio to learn about The Heller Approach: an acting technique that was developed by Brad Heller from Don Richardson's book Acting without Agony: An Alternative to the Method. It is a technique that relies on Muscle Memory and the phases of Preparation and Execution to provide actors with a fun and non-traumatic way to effectively portray a character. As he writes in his testimonial for The Heller Approach Acting Studio: "Since I started Brad's class I feel that I have come across a technique that works for me. I highly recommend classes with Brad Heller!"

Danielle Truitt and David A.R. White Earn Praise for Their TV, Movie Roles

LogoActors Danielle Truitt and David A.R. White recently earned raves for their portrayals on TV and movies: Truitt for her breakout performance in the police drama series REBEL which premiered on BET, and White for his starring role in the movie God's Not Dead: A Light In Darkness. Both actors are practitioners of The Heller Approach to acting, and worked with top Hollywood acting coach Brad Heller, the approach's creator.

Brad Heller Wishes Billy Zabka Success for Cobra Kai

LogoTop Hollywood acting coach Brad Heller, the proponent of The Heller Approach to acting and main man of The Heller Approach Acting Studio, is wishing his friend; actor and film producer William "Billy" Zabka success with his new show Cobra Kai: a web-only TV series on Youtube Premium. Heller and Zabka became fast friends when Heller starred in the Oscar-nominated movie Most, which was produced by Zabka.

Brad Heller of the Heller Approach Featured in Voyage LA Interview

LogoVoyage LA, the flagship publication of Voyage Media, published a February article highlighting Brad Heller, founder and teacher at The Heller Approach acting school. True to its mission, Voyage LA delivers an authentic and personal conversation with Brad about his discovery of acting, and where it has led him and his students today.

The Heller Approach Guides Acting Professionals Past Stage Fright Towards Success

LogoTurning one's energy from that of a nervous disposition to that of a calm yet confident and assertive demeanor is a skill that can take a fair amount of time to master. In the acting professional, in particular, cultivating this tool is absolutely essential.

The Heller Approach Offers Wide Variety of Powerful Acting Classes

LogoConsidered to be one of the best acting schools in Hollywood, The Heller Approach offers a variety of classes and workshops that have proven to be effective in honing the craft of countless actors – no matter what level of their trade they may be at. The world-class acting school makes learning acting accessible and affordable by offering group classes as well as online classes via Skype.

Leading West Coast Acting Studio Garners Solid Reputation from Students

LogoHollywood may be the mecca where actors from across the nation – and even around the globe – go to pursue their dreams, but that doesn't stop one acting studio from shining and standing out amongst a sea of other acting classes and teachers promising results. The Heller Approach, a world-class acting studio in Burbank, CA run by Brad Heller, certainly qualifies for this position.

Acting Students Across the Country Recognize Hollywood Coach Brad Heller as a Leading Figure in the Industry

LogoThe Heller Approach Acting Studios is a world-class acting studio based in Burbank, CA that offers a different angle to learning acting. Unlike the well-known method style of acting, Heller Approach teaches both beginning and highly experienced actors how to hone their craft using a technique originally laid out by Don Richardson. As a mentor to Brad Heller, Don Richardson's ideas have shaped The Heller Approach's many students of the present day and recent past but were also the basis for greats in more distant history such as Spencer Tracy and Anne Bancroft.

Why Talent Managers and Casting Directors Recommend Hollywood Acting Coach Brad Heller

LogoMany in the entertainment and acting industry are familiar with the popular style of learning and performing known as method acting. The Heller Approach Acting Studios – based in Burbank, CA – offers an alternative "non-method" way of acting that has been used for decades by many Hollywood icons of the past (such as Spencer Tracy and Anne Bancroft) and still continues to be used with tremendous success by today's generation as well.