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21 Changes in Our Daily Lives Are Key to Cancer Prevention Says Nutritionist and Author Dina Khader

LogoMarch Is Nutrition Awareness Month

Green Tea Isn't the Elixir of Life, but It's Close. Nutritionist Dina Khader Explains the Benefits of Green Tea

LogoIn historical lore, alchemists sought the "elixir of life," a magic potion that would keep those forever young looking and healthy. In this more skeptical era, most people don't believe such a concoction exists. But in the case of green tea, drinkers of this may have something that keeps you younger-looking and healthier for longer according to nutritionist, Dina Khader, MS, RD, CDN from The Khader Center. In general, tea and herbal infusions have health benefits, but when we're talking about specifics, it is necessary to be precise about what the plant in question actually is.

Given Up on the Salad Line? Maintaining New Year's Resolutions Is Attainable Goal Says Nutritionist and Author, Dina Khader

LogoThe beginning of the new year bought massive lines at salad chains in New York City, Boston and Washington DC. Fueled by those making New Year's resolutions to eat healthier, salad chains like Chopt and Sweetgreen are being plagued by lines of as many as 100-plus people. According to news reports, fast food joints such as McDonald's and Chick-fil-A were seeing a major slowdown — though that trend will surely reverse by February, at which point 80 percent of people will likely have abandoned their resolutions.