The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco

The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco Fights for Those Accused of a Crime or DUI

Many live under the assumption that a DUI arrest is a DUI conviction and yet nothing is further from the truth. An Orange County criminal defense attorney knows the wide range of defenses which may be used in a court case involving a DUI and works to find the one which offers the most chances of an acquittal. "Don't try to fight a DUI conviction on your own. With the help of an experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney, reducing the consequences of a DUI conviction or avoiding a conviction completely becomes possible," Joshua Visco, attorney at law, states.

Joshua Visco Opens Law Offices in Rancho Cucamonga Experienced in Criminal Defense

Statistics in California over the last 15 years indicate 75% - 85% of all DUI arrests resulted in a conviction. With such overwhelming odds facing the residents of the area, former prosecutor turned criminal defense attorney Joshua Visco recently announced the grand opening of his law office in the local Rancho Cucamonga area.

The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco Launches Campaign for DUI Defense Services

According to the State Justice Department, more than 200,000 individuals are charged with driving under the influence each year. The majority of those receiving DUI charges are severely uninformed of their rights regarding such matters and are unaware of possible defenses available to them. In an effort to assist those finding themselves facing DUI charges, The Law Offices of Joshua P. Visco have launched a campaign to increase public awareness of the defense services they offer.