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Relax Above the Table: What to Know when Choosing the Best Massage Table

LogoA Massage table is used by massage therapists to position the client to receive a massage. This is manufactured with client comfort and therapist ergonomics in mind. But not all massage tables are appropriate to all people that is why it is important to consider some factors in purchasing one.

Massage Business 101: How to Put Up on the First Small Scale Massage Therapy Business

LogoRecently, Luraco’s “i6S Massage Chair” was featured on NewsWatch as part of its 2014 Consumer Electronic Show Wrap Up, showcasing the hot and hippest technology in the market. For small entrepreneurs, this massage equipment appear costly and might discourage them from starting their own enterprise. However, there is no need to fret! Starting a massage therapy business now costs as little as $6,000.

Study Revealed Professional Massage Helps Decrease Chronic Neck Pain

LogoMassage can alleviate neck pain when done regularly by a professional therapist for the right length of time, according to a new study. Karen Sherman, senior scientific investigator at Group Health Research Institute in Seattle, claimed that two or three times a week of one-hour sessions seem to be best. Sherman further explained, “in the short term, 60 minutes of massage is better than 30, and you want to do multiple treatments a week for the first four weeks.”

Massage Therapy; A Modern-Day Necessity

LogoModern Lifestyle has changed dramatically over the years. Jobs have become more accessible making working hours longer and almost available causing over fatigue, frustrations, and stress. For many people, stress has become a way of life. With prolong exposure to stress, your mind and body may pay the price. Driven by the trend of adopting an upbeat approach to enhancing well-being, massage therapy has transformed into total wellness provider in urban setting. It’s a quick fix to get de-stressed without going out of town.