The Pendle Pig

The Pendle Pig Releases Benefits of Hiring a Catering Company

The Pendle Pig, a leading Hog Roast company in the UK has released some benefits on why hiring a catering company for an event is so advantageous. The Pendle Pig has been up and running for four years, catering for a variety of different events, including Coronation Street.

Price of Pork Hits Two-Year High: The Pendle Pig Comments

Analysts have recently reported that there has been a huge 18% increase in the price of pork as wholesale manufacturers and retailers face commodity price swings and a weaker sterling following the Brexit vote. The price of pork is now at a two year high, and it is anticipated that there's going to be a knock-on effect on the price of sausages, bacon and other pork products found in supermarkets and shops over the next few weeks. There is always a delay when it comes to an increase in price for consumers, but there is absolutely no doubt that this consumer price increase is going to happen, and is going to happen incredibly soon.

MRSA Variant Found in British Pork: The Pendle Pig Comments

Recent tests have shown that some of the meat produced from British pigs is infected with a livestock strain of MSRA. This has raised concerns throughout the UK, with a number of people now refusing to eat pork.

The Pendle Pig Announces the Winner of a Free Hog Roast

Leading Lancashire based hog roast company The Pendle Pig, recently held a competition across social media platforms – All businesses were eligible to enter with the winner to receive a free hog roast worth £600. To enter the competition all candidates needed to do was like, share and comment with their company name on a post and then wait to see if they won. However, it is now too late to enter as the winner has now been announced and they are Hedgehogg Florist.

Preston Food Hygiene Ratings: April 2016

The maximum five star rating has recently been given to over 650 food places in Preston – surpassing many people's expectations, including those of health bosses at Preston Council.

Colne Food Festival: A Great Success

Colne Food Festival proved to be incredibly successful once again as thousands of locals and food lovers from a range of destinations sampled some of the tastiest food that Britain has to offer.

Restaurant Chain Launches a New Pulled Meat Sundae...and Shows Popularity of Pork

Pork and eating it in 'pulled form' – where the meat is cooked slowly over a lower temperature to allow for succulence – is anticipated to be a significant food trend this 2016. These expectations are fuelled by the news that the popular food chain TGI Fridays is set to feature a 'Pulled Pork Sundae' on its new menu. These dishes reflect what the caterers believe people want to eat; therefore emphasizing pork as highly popular and allowing for a variety of uses.

Revealed: UK Pork Output Beats Beef – The Pendle Pig Comments

According to recent figures released by Defra and analysed by AHDV Pork, the production of pork meat in 2015 was at a greater volume at the end of the year compared to beef – the first time this has happened since 2003. Pork production had increased by 4% over the course of 2015; emphasizing it as an increasingly popular food product with further growth expected this year. It is thought that the increased affordability of pork joints and the variety of serving methods are playing a key role in the meats continued growth. A parallel trend therefore expected is increased interest in affordable, quality pork products –as the public realise the scale of interest.

Pulled Pork Advertising Expected to Pull in Increasing TV Audiences in 2016

Reports reveal that pulled pork advertising is set to return to television screens in early 2016, according to the National Pig Association (NPA). This highlights the consumer popularity of the slowly-cooked succulent meat and also that pulled pork and its related products constitute a growing industry. It follows on from a successful 2015 campaign to advertise pulled pork products across the media, including recipes and seasonal suggestions. Now major food outlets including Burger King and Subway have offered pulled pork options, and there are a number of indicators in place which suggests that it is going to be one the most popular meats in 2016.

UK and US Receive Major Funding Boost to Animal Health and Disease Research, the Pendle Pig Comments

UK Hog Roasting Company, The Pendle Pig, have recently commented on the news that the UK and US are set to receive further funding for animal health and disease research, which should improve animals well beings and the safety of the meat.