The Regency

The Regency ... Bringing World Class Dining Experience in Kuwait

The Regency is one of the most popular hotels in Kuwait. The restaurant of the hotel offers a world class dining experience in Kuwait. People of all age groups can satisfy their taste buds with signature dishes. The experienced chefs are ready to fulfill each and every dietary requirement of the customers. The Regency hotel restaurant in Kuwait offers services like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Even the penetrating food critics can enjoy the cuisines of this restaurant.

Enjoy a Fresh and Unique Hotel Experience at the Regency Kuwait

The Regency Kuwait is distinguished as one of the best five star hotels in Kuwait. The hotel exemplifies the whole concept of hospitality and offers eminent customers all together a spanking new and luxurious hotel experience. The hotel includes a total of 203 deluxe rooms along with 50 suite rooms.

The Regency Offers Classy Luxury Accommodation in Kuwait

The Regency offers some of the most spectacular luxury accommodation in Kuwait. The hotel offers 203 splendidly done up rooms including suites and rooms with high-end facilities at reasonable rates. The deluxe rooms are sumptuously furnished with imported materials that range from supple German pillows to exquisite silk drapes. The rooms offer a spectacular view of the hotel’s gardens which are beautifully landscaped and the magnificent Arabian Gulf.

Experience the Luxurious Hospitality of Kuwait at the Regency Hotel

The Regency offers one of the best luxurious amenities to guests in Kuwait. The hotel with 203 rooms including 50 suites offers one of the biggest convention facilities and meeting halls in Kuwait city. The architecture of the hotel buildings is top-notch and one of the best in the world. The hotel lobby with white marble and the efficiently crafted atrium are some of the unrivalled features of the hotel. One of the major features of The Regency hotel in Kuwait city is the special High Tea offered here on all days from 5 to 8 pm. The sun terrace and atrium are some of the places where guests prefer to savour their specially brewed coffee and refreshments offered here.