The Spa on Rodeo

The Spa on Rodeo Specializes in Beverly Hills CoolSculpting

LogoThe Spa on Rodeo has made a name for itself as one of the most luxurious day spas in the Beverly Hills area. They continue to offer the latest in beauty treatments with their Beverly Hills CoolSculpting service. In addition to this new treatment, The Spa on Rodeo offers more general services like massages, facials, permanent cosmetics, manicures, pedicures, cupping and much more. Beverly Hills CoolSculpting is a great way to lose stubborn fat, but what is it exactly?

Hydrafacials Now Offered at Luxury Med Spa in Beverly Hills

LogoMed Spa in Beverly Hills, The Spa on Rodeo, recently announced their latest cutting-edge treatment: the Beverly Hills HydraFacial. HydraFacials work to completely rejuvenate the skin by using a four-step process. The four steps include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration. The cleansing phase works to clear the pores of any dirt and oil build-up. The exfoliation phase involves removing the dead and dry skin cells from the surface of the face.

Med Spa Beverly Hills Provides Healing Treatments for Your Whole Body

LogoThe Spa on Rodeo is a med spa in Beverly Hills that provides healing treatments for the whole body. They offer a wide range of treatments that aim to soothe the mind and relax the senses. The spa is located at 421 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. Phone: (424) 284-8040.

World Renowned Day Spa Offers One of the Best Facials in Beverly Hills

LogoThe Spa on Rodeo aims to provide a relaxing and tranquil experience for all of their guests. Whether they are coming for a massage, a manicure/pedicure or a facial in Beverly Hills, their aim is to rejuvenate the mind and body. This world-class day spa is located on the famed Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, surrounded by high-end shops and boutiques like Chanel, Cartier and Bijan. After enjoying a long day of shopping the latest fashions, guests can unwind in the peaceful oasis that is The Spa on Rodeo.

Premier Day Spa Offers Top-Rated Beverly Hills Facials

LogoIf you are looking for the best Beverly Hills facial, then The Spa on Rodeo is where you want to be. This day spa is a luxurious oasis nestled in the hustle and bustle of Rodeo Drive. Their spa menu is full of relaxing treatments aimed to soothe and relax the senses. They believe that the body's overall wellness and health starts at the feet and works its way up, which is why they also provide healing foot soaks and pedicure services.

Beverly Hills Facials and Glowing Skin Await at Luxury Beverly Hills Spa

LogoBeverly Hills Facial provider, The Spa on Rodeo, was founded by a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon who believes in creating a person's overall wellness from the ground up. The staff at the spa strongly promote the idea that beautiful and healthy feet make a strong foundation for a person's overall well-being. Their expertise, combined with the knowledge and experience of their founder, has led them to develop amazing, all-natural therapies for the whole body.

Luxurious Cupping Massage in Los Angeles Offered by Premier Day Spa

LogoThe Spa on Rodeo, a leading cupping massage Los Angeles treatment facility has announced that it is now offering its cupping massage Los Angeles treatment to the greater Los Angeles community at large. The Spa on Rodeo has offered this service in hopes that they can bring their unique treatment to all who need it.

Beverly Hills Day Spa Offers Hidden Oasis to Residents of Beverly Hills

LogoBeverly Hills day spa, The Spa on Rodeo, is the indisputable leader of luxury day spas in the Beverly Hills area. They offer a wide range of lush services from manicures to full-body massages. The Spa was founded by a foot and ankle surgeon who believes that a person's health and wellness should start from the ground up. They have created a relaxed and tranquil environment from the moment you step in the door, with plentiful rich greenery throughout. Their Beverly Hills day spa offers a hidden oasis to all of its customers.

Luxury Day Spa in Beverly Hills Now Offering Luxury Day Spa Services

LogoThe Spa on Rodeo in Beverly Hills is a premier destination for luxury day spa services. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, on Rodeo Drive, the luxury day spa in Beverly Hills offers a premier service that will reinvigorate its clients and deliver a sense of euphoria that resonates throughout the body.

Beverly Hills Spa Services Now Offered by the Spa on Rodeo in Beverly Hills

LogoThe Spa in Beverly Hills was the vision of board certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Pourziaee who had the inspiration of using a holistic approach to wellness. As the creator of Rodeo Drive Podiatry, Dr. Pourziaee is a proponent of healing the whole body, starting with the feet. To help his patients achieve total health, Dr. Pourziaee imbeds his knowledge and expertise in foot health in conjunction with homeopathic approaches to healing. Dr. Pourziaee was inspired by his ability to heal, and used that inspiration as the catalyst to create the spa.