The Spectra Company

The Spectra Company Works on Huge Projects in California

The Spectra Company, a California-based company that was founded in 1985 and specializes in historic restoration and preservation, is currently working on several huge projects in California, including the Union Station in Los Angeles and Irvine Ranch Historic Park in Irvin.

Study Shows Historic Preservation Contributes to Overall Growth of Country's Economy

The rehabilitation, restoration, and preservation of historic residential and commercial buildings all throughout the United States has brought a positive effect on the country’s economy according to a study conducted by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The benefits of bringing old buildings back to life ripples across the economy and through local communities, contributing tens of billions of dollars to the country’s economic health. Moreover, the rehabilitation expenses have also created a lot of full and part-time jobs for local residents throughout the country, generating millions of dollars in state and local tax revenues.

"Protect, Preserve, Restore" - Spectra Company Continues to Live by Its Motto

Spectra Company, a pioneer and leader in historic restoration in California, continues to live by its motto “Protect, Preserve, Restore.” Offering diverse expertise and strong technical knowledge, the company is committed to the protection and preservation of the country’s most cherished architectural, historic, and cultural landmarks.

Experts Encourages Property Owners to Consult Regarding Historical Restoration

Experts at Spectra Company, a California-based firm whose main construction focus is historic restoration and preservation, encourages property owners to approach and discuss with historical restoration consultants concerns about historic restoration to carefully, expertly handle a historic building project.

Spectra Company Builds Houses for Needy Families with Homes of Hope

Homes of Hope, a non-profit organization geared towards providing homes for needy people, has achieved better endeavors as they partner with Spectra Co., a well-known company specializing in historical renovation.

Irvine Ranch Soon to Finish Historical Restoration

The Irvine Ranch Historic Park, which was the center of the Irvine family’s agriculture dominion, undergoes a staggering $5.8 million budget for historical renovation. The extensive restoration project began in October and is expected to be completed in the year 2015.

The New Constance Hotel Soon to Bring Prestige in Pasadena

The old Constance Hotel will come out brand new as it is scheduled for a soft opening in December. The historical renovation is just in time for the Rose Bowl Game and the Rose Parade. Upon building code inspection, workers discovered a historical treasure that will contribute to the rich customs of the city.

Glendale's Brand Historic Library Nearing Completion

The much awaited unfolding of the Glendale Historic Brand Library is nearing completion and is expected to be unveiled this first quarter of 2014. The project is headed by Spectra Company, a recognized name in historical renovation.

Spectra Company Launches Website

The most recognized name in historic preservation, Spectra Company, launches its new website to reach more communities in achieving better results in terms of preserving the historic landmarks.