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Mr. Sunder Daswani established The Tailored Man 51 years years ago, and over the past five decades, his company has provided customers across the United States and Canada with high-quality, custom-made suits and shirts. Together, Daswani and his brother, Kishore, have worked with thousands of clients near their home base in the greater Washington, DC area and all over the nation.

The Tailored Man Explores the Importance of Bespoke Suits

As a leading provider of custom suits online, The Tailored Man understands that while many individuals may be quite familiar with how a suit should look and feel, many go into the buying process with a one-size-fits-all approach. This company outlines the importance of passing on the convenience of ill-fitting suits and investing in business casual or formal attire perfectly tailored to their build. There exists an outdated mentality that suits and formal wear are inherently uncomfortable, stuffy, or stiff-feeling. However, The Tailored Man knows that with the proper fit and right material, a suit can be more than something one has to merely 'put up' with.

The Tailored Man Offers Custom Made Suits for Spring Wedding Season

As spring makes its way across the US, bringing longer, sunnier days and blooming trees and flowers, happy couples and their families are marking the change in seasons by kicking wedding preparations into high gear. Gentlemen in the Washington, DC, area who are seeking the perfect custom made suit for a loved one's big day are encouraged to visit The Tailored Man.

The Tailored Man Highlights the Benefits of Professional Suit Alterations

With so many business and social events to attend and responsibilities to fulfill, modern gentlemen have very little time to shop for clothing. Their schedules don't allow for trying on suit after suit, looking for the perfect fit that flatters their physique. As a result, they're apt to settle for what they think is their size and just live with the results.

The Tailored Man Offers Tips for Gentlemen Buying Their First Bespoke Suit

Gentlemen who wish to upgrade their wardrobe in the new year, but are unsure what to look for in the ideal bespoke suit can turn to The Tailored Man for guidance.

The Tailored Man Advises on How to Dress and Conduct Oneself at Business Meetings

In a world that's increasingly casual in both dress and demeanor, good etiquette can go a long way when trying to build a thriving business. The Tailored Man, a team of master tailors and alterations experts in Alexandria, VA, offers tips for gentlemen who want to make a strong, lasting impression on clients or potential customers in a business meeting.

The Tailored Man Offers Tips for Building a New Wardrobe in the New Year

Men who consider themselves "fashion challenged" but would like to start dressing better in the new year will find the guidance they need at The Tailored Man, the go-to destination for bespoke suits and professional clothing alterations in Washington, DC, and the surrounding region.

The Tailored Man Offers Professional Clothing Alterations for Gentlemen Resolving to Lose Weight in the New Year

As the calendar turns and people everywhere set new goals for what they want to accomplish in their personal and professional lives in the new year, gentlemen who have resolved to lose weight in 2020 know they can turn to The Tailored Man for professional clothing alterations in Washington, DC, and the surrounding region.

The Tailored Man Takes a Look at the Most Popular Suit Trends of 2019

The end of the year is quickly approaching, prompting affluent industry leaders to look back at the popular trends of 2019. As the trusted provider of bespoke and custom-tailored suits in the DC area, The Tailored Man has designed some of its most extraordinary attire following this year's trends.

The Tailored Man Offering Bespoke Suits for Upcoming Holiday Parties

Decoding the dress code is only one part of dressing up for upcoming holiday parties. The other part involves selecting the perfect suit for each occasion. The Tailored Man can help every gentleman own the room at their next holiday event with bespoke and custom-tailored suits.