Interesting Facts About Fish

LogoLike many other species in the animal kingdom, fish often have to deal with parasites. The parrotfish has a way of dealing with them through the secretion of a cocoon of sorts that helps the fish rest peacefully by serving as an aquatic mosquito net. The process doesn't expend much of the energy of the parrotfish, and molecules can move freely while parasites stay away.

Go Fishing in the Oceans of South Florida with THERAPY-IV

LogoSummer is a great time to be out on the waters of South Florida. Deep sea fishing in Miami provides tremendous fun for people of all ages and it is open no matter how experienced or inexperienced they may be. Some of the fish people may end up catching include the mahi-mahi, kingfish, bonito, or even the mako, to name a few.

Experience the XT3XL THERAPY-IV Super Tower

LogoFor those planning on going deep sea fishing during the summer, the THERAPY-IV deep sea fishing fleet welcomes anglers to ride the 2020 XT3XL THERAPY-IV Super Tower.

Preventing Seasickness During a Deep Sea Fishing Trip

LogoMiami Beach, FL – Seasickness that can easily run a great day out on the water enjoying a deep sea fishing trip. After spending money to book the trip, it’s worth taking the preventative steps to minimize ending up sick and not enjoying the thrill of a catch.

Enjoy a Deep Sea Fishing Trip During Miami Spice

LogoMiami Spice is an annual event where hundreds of South Florida restaurants offer customers a three-course, fixed-price brunch and lunch menu for just $23 a person or dinner for $39. Each participating restaurant is free to offer lunch, dinner, or both. There may also be restaurants that choose to participate in Miami Spice only during weekdays.

THERAPY-IV Welcomes a New Fleet Addition

LogoAnyone experiencing a deep sea fishing charter adventure this summer will soon be able to explore the seas of South Florida on a new vessel. THERAPY-IV is proud to announce a new addition to its deep sea fishing fleet.

Catch Tarpon This Summer

LogoThere are plenty of sea dwellers that offer anglers a challenge, and the tarpon is one of them. In fact, anglers can spend a lifetime working on their tarpon fishing technique due to the fish’s penchant for being stubborn and unpredictable.

Spend Mother's Day with THERAPY-IV

LogoRegardless of how a person decides to show their appreciation for their mother, these selfless women will surely appreciate the time taken to make them feel special for all they have done and continue to do. Is an exciting day at sea something she might enjoy? THERAPY-IV is pleased to announce its Mother's Day gift cards. A sea day is a fantastic way to spend some quality time with one of the most important people in a person's life enjoying the cool sea air and catching a variety of incredible fish.

A Spring Deep Sea Fishing Experience on the THERAPY-IV Awaits

LogoAnyone that would like to try a unique spring deep sea fishing experience is welcome to try THERAPY-IV. Springtime Miami inshore fishing is loads of fun and everyone will be able to boast about their first or biggest catch. THERAPY-IV welcomes anyone whether they have previously gone fishing or even if they have never touched a fishing road in their life. Blackfin tuna, wahoo, snapper, bonito, and the awe-inspiring mako shark are some of the different fish species that a person may see or even catch on a fishing trip.

Don't Miss out on a Spring Break Fishing Experience

LogoFor anyone that wants to do something different as a complement to sunbathing in Miami Beach, now is the time to try a deep sea fishing boat. Miami inshore fishing in the spring is a tremendous amount of fun and each person on the fishing boat is bound to catch plenty of interesting sea creatures during the fishing trip. Inshore fishing welcomes anyone from anglers that know how to handle a rod to those that have never stepped foot on a boat. Mahi-mahi, kingfish, snapper, bonito, and the impressive mako shark represent a few of the fish that participants will notice or maybe even catch during the spring break fishing trip.