The Time-Lapse Company

Premium 4k Time-Lapse Packages Introduced by the Time-Lapse Company

LogoThe Time-lapse Company is one of the market leaders in Australia when it comes to long term time-lapse photography. They have recently introduced their new premium 4k time-lapse packages. Their goal with this package is to meet the ever-changing needs of infrastructure clients across the country. With these packages clients can monitor their sites and projects efficiently, and communicate their achievements.

The Time-Lapse Company Introduces Premium 4k Time-Lapse Packages to Meet the Evolving Needs of Infrastructure Clients

LogoThe Time-lapse Company, Australia's leading providers of time-lapse photography, introduces their Premium 4K time-lapse packages to meet the ever-evolving needs of infrastructure clients across Australia. Their 4K time-lapse packages are suitable for both long and short-term construction projects and are designed to produce the highest quality time-lapse videos. The 4K time-lapse packages help clients efficiently monitor their sites, manage their projects and communicate their achievements.

The Time-Lapse Company Provides Australian Construction and Infrastructure Projects with the Highest Quality Time-Lapse Photography Services Available

LogoThe Time-lapse Company provides time-lapse photography, drone capture and site monitoring services to construction and infrastructure clients throughout Australia. The Time-lapse Company consist of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who thoroughly understand and analyse the requirements of their clients to produce a tailored time-lapse solution. Their highly experienced installation team install their proprietary hardware, Remote Time-lapse Units™ with safety and site compliance being a priority at all times. The Remote Time-lapse Unit hardware is a combination of high-end Nikon digital SLR based capture technology and industrial computer and telemetry components. This technologically advanced camera system helps them supply their clients with high-definition images used for project monitoring, project records and both internal and external communications.