Marine WiFi Perfected With the WirieAP

Island Consulting, Inc. launches The WirieAP, a Long Distance Marine Grade WiFi Solution for Boats and RVs with Built in Access Point

Marine WiFi Enhanced: Island Consulting and L-com Team up to Make The Wirie an Affordable, Truly Marine Grade WiFi Solution for Boats and RVs

Technology changes rapidly and as a company building WiFi equipment, Island Consulting strives to offer the best. Since the beginning, Island Consulting has continuously made improvements to The Wirie, a long range WiFi solution for boats and RVs. The most recent development in creating a better product involves a high-end marine grade WiFi antenna. To achieve this goal, Island Consulting partnered with the well-known US antenna manufacturer, L-com.

The Wirie: Long Range WiFi Solution for Boats and RVs Made Easy

Get yourself connected! The Wirie, a thoroughly researched and thought out long range wireless internet system invented and developed by cruisers for cruisers, is ready to conquer the boating and RV world. The Wirie is a complete WiFi system that provides much longer range and more stable connections for wireless internet on your boat or RV. It is easy to use and install, waterproof, very powerful, upgradeable, affordable and has a variety of mounting options.