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The Changing Face of Copywriting – The Writers Bureau Comments

Traditionally copywriters were employed to write amazing copy to sell products and ideas. They would write press releases, adverts for the press, radio and TV, brochures and so on. And the time taken for a campaign would depend on how complex it was – but two or more weeks wouldn't be unusual.

Joanne Harris's Manifesto for Writers – The Writers Bureau Comments

There's a debate going on in the world of literature about how available writers should be to their audiences. In this age of electronic communication and social media some writers are finding that their readers are becoming more and more demanding of their time and they're struggling to cope.

National Poetry Day 2015: The Writers Bureau Comments

National Poetry Day came of age on 8th October 2015 and was celebrated by millions of people across Britain with poetry being created and read in schools, colleges, universities, libraries, pubs, clubs and even trains.