The Youtube Moviemaking Handbook

“YouTube Election” Could Usher in Era of New Political Tactics

Long before Senator John Kerry’s gaffe become the #1 Most Viewed item on YouTube many were already calling this “the YouTube election.” While nobody can predict YouTube’s eventual impact on vote counts, “There’s no doubt that online video is now a permanent feature of political campaigns,” says Bill Dyszel, author of YouTube Moviemaking.

YouTube Author Sees Immediate Tenfold Payback for Google

Just days before Google’s landmark purchase of YouTube, the so-called “smart money” was saying that YouTube would never make any money for anybody. When an eleven-figure number was revealed as the purchase price, many wondered how Google would ever recover that investment, particularly given the enormous costs of running a bandwidth-intensive video service.

First Youtube Book Announced - Released as Ebook

The YouTube Moviemaking Handbook was just released, the first-ever full-length-book about making movies for the revolutionary video sharing service. Bill Dyszel, author of 18 titles in the popular For Dummies series including Microsoft Outlook for Dummies, created the book out of a belief that the YouTube phenomenon represents a watershed in the history of communications and entertainment. “The people who used to watch Saturday Night Live religiously now check out YouTube just as faithfully,” he says. “SNL spawned numerous multimillion-dollar entertainment brands such as Austin Powers, The Blues Brothers, Wayne’s World and others. It’s every bit as likely that some of the cultural icons of the future are getting their start on YouTube today.”