Think Box Media

Think Box Media Collaborates on "Citizens of Copenhagen" with CitizenM

This past November, Think Box Media had the privilege of collaborating with KesselsKramer on the incredible "Citizens of Copenhagen" art installation, displayed for two weeks in the windows of the new CitizenM Rådhuspladsen Hotel.

American Institute of Architects and Think Box Media Collaborate on Designing Waste: Strategies for a Zero Waste City

Think Box Media is proud to be a part of the Designing Waste: Strategies for a Zero Waste City, which was unveiled at the Center for Architecture in Manhattan on Thursday, June 14th, 2018. Curated by Andrew Blum and designed by Wkshps, the exhibit explores how waste is managed in buildings and neighborhoods throughout New York City, and how design can be utilized to reduce the enormous quantities of waste that end up in landfills each year.

Think Box Media Designed Impactful Graphics for AdExchanger's Programmatic I/O Event

Think Box Media recently created several impactful graphics for AdExchanger's Programmatic I/O Conference in San Francisco. This two-day event is the world's largest conference that focuses on programmatic media and marketing, and over 1,200 professionals attended.

Think Box Media Provides NYC Companies with Innovative Printing Services

Think Box Media, one of the top adhesive vinyl printing companies in New York, has provided businesses with comprehensive graphics design and production services for over thirty years. The printing company's talented teams work closely with clients to create ingenious solutions to all their promotional needs. From media and events companies like AdExchanger to organizations like the American Institute for Architecture, anyone can benefit from Think Box Media's wide-range of printing and promotional services.

Think Box Media Creates Graphics for AdExchanger's Industry Preview

AdExchanger's event, Industry Preview, happened in New York on January 17th and 18th to start off the new year. Centered around what businesses should expect in the next 12 months for marketing technology, this major two-day event featured 50 visionary speakers, 31 inspiring sessions, and 800 executive attendees. This was an event that needed to stand out visually. Think Box Media, the company that had handled the graphics for the event in 2017, had already proven that they could create highly successful visuals with their large scale digital printing capabilities in New York.

Think Box Media Is Excited to Announce They Have Been Featured on Primer

Primer, an app delivering swift, bite-sized, and lingo-free lessons on business and marketing, has featured Think Box Media as one of their success stories. Primer is designed for business owners who are driven to succeed and are looking for ways to continually evolve. Ambitious professionals in their field, however, may find themselves crunched for time. Primer provides a way for these skilled individuals to stay relevant in the changing digital realm by partnering with top industry experts to bring users the latest tutorials, tips, topics, and strategies to succeed. Made up of a small team at Google, Primer's lessons are created and curated by only the best.

Think Box Media Does It Again: Making a Bland Staircase Into a Masterpiece

When it comes to offices and empty staircases, the overall atmosphere may feel drab and uninspiring; however, living life like that day in and day out can take its toll. For Pulsepoint, this may very well have been the case. Their staircase, although serving its purpose of transitioning floors, was bland, white-walled, and devoid of an artistic need to galvanize. Taking their situation to Think Box Media and their high-quality printing services in New York was the best decision they could make.

Think Box Media's Newest Project with GoDaddy Promotes .NYC Domains on a Barge Sailing the Hudson

Think Box Media is not only one of the highest quality large format digital printing companies serving Brooklyn and NYC Metro area; they are unique experts capable of tackling projects of any scale. That is why when GoDaddy and an ad agency approached them with an out-of-the-water guerilla marketing tactic, Think Box Media was excited to get started.

Think Box Media Creates a One-of-a-Kind Office Design for Music Choice

Music Choice is a nationwide company that works hand in hand with many world-renowned musicians, television stars, and other famous celebrities. These top tier VIPs ascend their office's stairs, saunter through their halls, and admire their ambience on a day-to-day basis. That is why it is very important for their newly renovated office to also express a design that is not only on point, but is reflective of their business.

Think Box Media: A Leading Provider of Offset Printing

Think Box Media, the leading full-service print and visual media production company in New York City, is proud to announce that business owners can transform the whole look of their business with a new logo this summer.