Thrive Allergy & Gluten-free Expo

THRIVE Allergy Expo Hosts Expert Speakers from Prestigious Organizations at Healthy Living Forum & Market Place Forum

Renowned medical physicians, professionals, and non-profit organizations discuss allergies, asthma and Celiac Disease at Expo

Free Asthma Screenings Offered at Thrive Allergy Expo

Adults and children with symptoms such as wheezing, coughing and shortness of breath can find out if they are at risk for asthma through free asthma screenings 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday, April 18, and 12 noon- 4 p.m. on Sunday, April 19, at the Thrive Allergy Expo at McCormick Place.

Angel Service Dogs Proudly Announce Support and Participation at THRIVE Allergy Expo With Rock’O, the Peanut Sniffing Dog!

Like most eight year olds, Riley Mers enjoyed going to the park to play. Unfortunately, one day a peanut shell slipped into her sandal leaving a permanent scar. Riley Mers is so severely allergic to peanuts that she can break out with hives or experience breathing difficulties by simply inhaling peanut oils/residue that cannot be detected by the human nose. Sherry Mers, Riley’s mother , constantly had to bring her daughter to the emergency room for medical attention. Riley has already figured out that she doesn’t enjoy hospitals or the gowns they provide her when she visits. Thanks to Rock’O, the allergy peanut sniffing dog, Riley’s hospitals visits have stopped completely!

Mother Turned Advocate Speaks About the Need for Food Allergy Awareness After Fighting for Her 10 Month Olds’ Life

Thrive Allergy & Gluten-free Expo invites Michele Fellows to join advisory board to share her experiences with parents of severely allergic children.

Thrive Allergy & Gluten-free Expo welcomes noted patient-expert and author Jules Shepard as cooking stage partner

Leading gluten-free baking expert offers Thrive attendees demonstrations and interactive exhibit space, April 18-19 in Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Prestigious Bookseller, BORDERS, Announces Sponsorship of Official Event Book Store at THRIVE Allergy Expo 2009, Providing Allergy Specific Titles

Borders embraces its role as a vital, contributing member of the allergic community and reaches out to connect with THRIVE attendees.

EUCERIN Announces Proud Partner Sponsorship of THRIVE Allergy Expo 2009 Offering Dermatologist-recommended Skin Care Samples and Information

Skin care plays an important role in the lives of individuals afflicted with allergies and quality products make a difference when seeking relief and results.

All Types of Allergies and Gluten-intolerance Issues Bring Non-profits and Consumers to Expo in Chicago

Thrive Allergy & Gluten-free Expo is a consumer event with a mission to educate and simplify the lives of those individuals and families coping with allergies and food intolerances

Sciele Pharma’ s TWINJECT Supports Allergic Communities Through Presenting Sponsorship of Thrive Allergy & Gluten-free Expo in 2009

With allergies on a strong rise, Sciele steps up as a corporate citizen to partner with consumers on allergy education, products and services

Allergies and Gluten-Intolerance Drive Expo to Reach out to Patient Consumers and Offer Education and Information at Low Cost

With allergies on a strong rise, Thrive Allergy & Gluten-free Expo launches a consumer focused show that brings professional education and information to all afflicted patients for $10 or less