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Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli Interviewed by American Freedom Radio About Thunder Energies' New Technology Developed to Detect Concealed Nukes

LogoThis recent technology is one that uses the directional source of neutrons that are synthesized from hydrogen gas. The technology is able to detect the possible smuggling of nuclear weapons and, in turn, offering greater security and protection for our nation.

Antimatter Asteroids Could Be Partially Responsible for the Recent Wildfires in California

LogoThere have been a number of rapid wildfires recently sweeping through California. The cause of the fires is unclear to many, but Dr. Ruggero M. Santilli suggests that some of them they may in fact be due to antimatter asteroids.

Ruggero Santilli, Along with Thunder Energies Corporation, Develops World-Changing Technology

LogoThunder Energies Corporation's high-caliber team of expert scientists works tirelessly to develop innovative technology and make a difference in the world. And their hard work is paying off.