“Washington's QB troubles” Reports ESPN.com; Are Washington Redskins Fans Thinking the Same

ESPN.com reported on November 13, 2010, about Washington's QB troubles; Ticket Luck asks will this be any different for the coming games?

Roger Waters Re-erects “the Wall”, Reviving the Message of Understanding Humanity

Roger Waters visited Philadelphia on his The Wall Live 2010 tour last week which was a success. His concerts were a class apart with great cinematic animation and thematically based performances which aptly conveyed his message of optimism regarding human connection to fight all evil forces.

Ozzy Osbourne and Yousaf Islam Duel, Is It the Genetic Mutiny That Keeps Osborne’s Numbers rolling?

According to a report by MTVMusic.com Ozzy Osbourne, the prince of Darkness, performed against Yousaf Islam aka Cat Stevens at the “Rally to Restore Sanity or Fear”, had it not been his dark mutant image would he still be this popular?

Star Quarterbacks Hasselbeck and Losman Return to Seahawks, TicketLuck.com Reports Increased Interest in Tickets

Star Quarterbacks Hasselbeck and Losman Return to Seahawks, TicketLuck.com Reports Increased Interest in Tickets

Is Randy Moss Too Old for the Miami Dolphins? TicketLuck.com Worries About the Future of Miami Dolphins Tickets

According to the Miami Herald, the Dolphins passed on the ace wide receiver Randy Moss. He will be playing his next game for the Titans, as the two teams meet at the Miami Gardens. The Dolphins head coach, Tony Sparano has cited Moss’s old age and erratic behavior as the main reasons. Sunday Night football might give the Dolphins a glimpse of what could have been.

Phish Enliven Atlantic City With 3 Night Extravaganza, TicketLuck.com Expects Ticket Prices to Rise

As reported by thesuffolkvoice.net, Phish’s fan had the time of their life at the 3 night musical show at Atlantic City's Boardwalk. The band appeared in musical costumes on Halloween night where they performed on their classic album. The shows were sold out and Phish entertained its fans with its superb amalgamation of rock, jazz, bluegrass and reggae. Secondary ticket seller TicketLuck.com, seeing the success of these shows, predicts a rise in ticket prices on secondary ticket selling websites in their future performances.

Prince to Welcome America on a Nationwide Tour

In a recent press conference in New York, the pop-star Prince announced his upcoming tour titled, “Welcome 2 America”. Taking place all over the nation, this grand tour will kick off in December and will also feature other pop-funk artists. According to Prince, every show will be different and will treat the fans to something new.

Cincinnati Bengals’ MistakesAre Such a Downer, Is I Deflating the Fans Too

Colt cash in on Bengals Mistakes was the headline of all major newspapers on Sunday November 14, 2010. It wasn’t hard for the Indianapolis Colts to mark their victory, depending on their defense line. Toronto Sun published Cincinatti Bengals “who keep finding ways to lose”. Earlier this month center Kyle Cook remarked that “Bengals offense is letting down the defense”.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular to Celebrate the Holiday Season in 25 Cities

According to the New York Times, the holiday show Radio City Christmas Spectacular premiered earlier than usual this year and has started its nationwide journey in 25 cities. As per the show organizers, they decided to kick off the holiday season early so that more cities could be covered.

Auburn Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks to Battle for the SEC Championship Title

According to the Washington Post, old rivals Auburn Tigers and South Carolina Gamecocks will be facing each other once again for the final showdown at the 2010 SEC Championship Game. In a news report it was stated that the battle taking place on the 4th December 2010 will mark as the 108th encounter between the two teams.