Tiffany Rothman Describes the Script Analysis: Actor`s Feeding Tube

Tiffany Rothman starts off by stating: “When asked how important it is to thoroughly analyze the script , my wonderful and talented acting coach, the actress Lenore Harris , would reply: " Script analysis is the revelatory journey into a time capsule of a playwright, a period and its socio-political history/milieu. Your analysis and research must dig deep to gain insight into the writer`s vision and how the play`s particular culture operates, manipulates affects and triggers people`s actions, lives and relationships in the script. “

Tiffany Rothman Describes Building a Character and an Actress

Tiffany Rothman, a popular stage actress starts out by stating: “When a performer tries to build a character for a play or film or even in dance choreography, a full story has to be created for the character. This means that a background needs to be provided for the character - her story, likes, dislikes and how the character views herself and her environment. The more details the better in term of learning more about the character.”

Tiffany Rothman Describes Farce: A Type of Comedy

Tiffany Rothman, a popular stage actress set some time to put a meaning to the word “farce.” Here’s what Mrs. Rothman said …

Interview with Tiffany Rothman on Being an Actress

Stage actress Tiffany Rothman recently joined in on an interview with In the interview, Tiffany Rothman tells us what it is like to be an actress before receiving an awards at the Golden Globes. Below is the full interview with Tiffany Rothman.

Tiffany Rothman Talks About the Movie "Finding Home"

The movie titled “Finding Home” takes place in an an ordinary looking building, somewhere in New York City, where a group of tenants from completely different cultures and backgrounds are staying. They also have different beliefs and characteristics. They appear to interact with one another in an aloof manner and without a care in the world. Most of the time, they seem cold to others.