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Tiller Media Group Publishes Information on SEO in 2016

Local SEO continues to increase in importance, with seoClarity declaring that local search engine results reach the number one spot on the search engines 93 percent of the time. This wasn't the case in the past, when only 25 percent of number one listings were local. For this reason, every business needs to have a local presence, as this gives the company a competitive edge. Local search works together with voice and mobile search to make it easy for businesses to be found. Google's Pigeon update, one that many aren't overly familiar with, shows the site's commitment to local SEO.

Tiller Media Group Reports on Anticipated 2016 Trends in Web Design and SEO

Color is making a comeback and not simply in the fashion and home design industries. Experts believe Web Design Des Moines will focus on bright, bold colors in 2016, as this is a way to enhance visual communication. With the use of different shades of the same color, web designers find they can show relationships between different parts of a site. This is only one of many trends that are anticipated for 2016, and web designers need to keep this in mind when updating sites for their clients.

Tiller Media Group Announces Free Marketing Consultations for Business Owners

Google's most recent SEO statistics show that more than ninety percent of online experiences start with a search engine. As for how that can translate to local business sales, more than one trillion dollars in retail sales over the last five years have been web-influenced purchases. Nearly forty percent of people searching for a local business online will make contact or visit within one day. If companies want to do well in their industry, smart digital marketing is non-negotiable.

Tiller Media Group of Des Moines Celebrates Eight Successful Years in Business

Tiller Media Group, one of the state's top video, web, and marketing agencies, is celebrating eight years of providing top-quality services to clients in the Des Moines area and beyond. Since the company was established by CEO Steve Hudspeth in 2007, it has amassed a strong record of raising the profiles of local businesses and other organizations with a full array of digital design, production, and marketing services. Those interested in learning more about what the Tiller Media Group has to offer can do so at the company's website or by following it on Facebook.

Tiller Media Group Releases Information About the Psychology of Web Design

Squarespace recently published information on the psychology of website design and development and this is information Tiller Media Group, a Web Design Des Moines firm, feels needs to be shared with clients promptly. They identified four areas that affect the mood, experience and attitude of visitors to the site. With this information, clients working with Tiller Web Media will find they obtain better outcomes from the web design and development process.