Tim Green Films

Meet the World's Only 15 Year Old Blind Film Director

LogoTim Green, a popular independent mega award winning filmmaker (http://www.timgreenefilms.com/), TV host and syndicated radio personality known for a variety of films and finding new acts, including Rapping Granny, who he managed to over 35 national TV commercials and 25 feature films and the "Lil Homeez," Children’s film franchise and merchandising line has provided free actor/filmmaker workshops in Los Angeles, Detroit, Philadelphia, Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, Baltimore, New York City and Washington, D.C. People also call Tim Green “The Walt Disney Of Hip Hop Filmmaking”.

Timothy Green Lives the Odd Life While Financing His Family Friendly Feature Films

LogoTimothy Green who is also called The Disney of Hip Hop Films is living proof that there is no greater power than ingenuity to drive an independent movie from start to finish. Forget ultra-low-budget fare such as El Mariachi and Sundance film festival winner Primer; Green's plan makes their $7,000 budgets seem downright bloated. Having completed his fourth feature film (a G-rated family movie), he has single-handedly invented his own low-budget legacy, including his new feature films “Little Homies”, Tim Greene’s Professor Genius, Supa Kidz and The Re-Programmers. The writer-director (whose movies can be found at http://www.timgreenefilms.com/) has followed the hip-hop beat of his own drummer and created four features in less time than it generally takes Hollywood to package and produce a single movie.