Timelines of History: Virtual Telescope to the Past

The Timelines of History website (www.timelines.ws) is a text-based site dedicated to world history. Its general features include a universal world timeline that goes back to the Big Bang, individual timelines for every country in the world, all the US states, some major cities, today in history as well as timelines for a collection of special subjects. Timelines of History also has a sister database site (www.timelinesdb.com). Here you can access the same information in an easily searchable database. This DB includes an extensive list of tagged subjects that can be viewed in alphabetical order. The two sites are complementary. A plus feature for the DB site is that it is kept current for ongoing events as opposed to the text site which lags 3-6 months due the ever-changing contemporary events. All entries on both sites are accompanied with references for source material and a special file of source acronyms is listed on the text site under subjects. The Pinterest link on the text site provides pictures of assorted historical subjects and places.