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Best Authentic Luxury Watch Deals Online

LogoProviding maximum satisfaction to clients’, Timepiece Perfection specializes in luxury watches manufactured by the most distinguished watch designers in the world. The online catalog is updated with the latest, most wanted authentic luxury watch models on the market. All watches are new, not used or refurbished. All come in authentic manufacturer's packaging and includes the proper paperwork.

Mens Luxury Watches Brands List 2014

LogoThe most coveted men's luxury watches for this year are breaking new grounds in the luxury watch industry. Amazing new technology and innovation is taking over.

Announcing the Luxury Watch Deal of the Week at Timepiece Perfection

LogoSome people wear a watch to tell time, others simply enjoy the exquisite and distinguished look that a watch entails. In truth a watch is considered jewelry, and if one chooses a designer timepiece then it is one truly of the nicest pieces of jewelry that can adorn a wrist. Watches that are made out of pure metals are simply timeless both in a fashion and literal sense since many high end watches can literally last a life time. This makes this fashionable object the one fashion investment that will truly pay off as it will get decades of use out the item and decades more if it is passed on as an heirloom item.

Top 5 Smart Watches of 2014

LogoToday, technological advances have created watches with some pretty unique features. The following smart watches are ones to look for in 2014.

Best New Designer Watches for 2014 from (SIHH) Salon International de la Haute Horlogene

LogoEach year the world's finest watch makers showcase the latest creative and fashionable timepieces at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogene (SIHH.) While the focus seems to be purely based on fashion and luxury, look close enough to find fashionable and luxurious, yet affordable treasures. All designer watches are available at Timepiece Perfection.

How to Pick the Right Watch for Any Outfit

LogoFinally picked out the perfect tie and pants for the party, but there's just something missing. Shoes matching and tie goes with everything, but still can't put a finger on what's not right. A quick look to the wrists and noticing the lack of a watch and boom. Pulling open the watch drawer seeing a large selection of watches, but which one goes best?

Luxury Watches 2013 Holiday Sale

LogoWith the fast approaching holiday season time is running out for last minute shoppers. Fortunately the Internet has a myriad of opportunities to get the gifts needed at affordable prices. For instance timepieceperfection.com is the only place to go if looking for a fine timepiece for someone on that holiday list. The selection includes all the classic brands such as Rolex, Omega, and Tag Heuer. Also included are some of the newer fashion brands that are becoming so popular these days such as Chanel.

Top Five Swiss Watch Brands

LogoWatches have become more than just a way to measure time, and for years now they’ve been a form of jewelry for both men and women. Switzerland has also been represented as one of the best countries for watch production around the world. Brands like Omega and Rolex are recognized by millions as brilliant pieces of architecture combined with aesthetics.

New 2014 Must Have Brands in Ladies Watches

LogoIn looking the best, elegance is key. Nothing says elegance like a fine designer watch. The type of watch to be worn can make a statement that anyone will notice. What should that statement be? Want the message to be bold and ready to face anything head on? Maybe a more demure and delicate signal. Whatever the case may be online designer watch shop Timepiece Perfection carries all the latest and most popular designer watches on the market. Not only is there the newest styles from the most respected designers, also a knowledgeable staff is available to assist in every step of the process.