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Today's Concepts Introduces Daddy Cool and His All New Zone Website

LogoToday's Concepts wants you to know that Zone's got a new attitude with its very own micro site at But the story gets better with its primo star, Daddy Cool, who lays on the type of Jazz for Men, straight and clear with no mushy wushy advice. ‘Cause, Daddy Cool is a Zone Man, a Man’s Man, a Real Man

Fruiteen Outsells All Private Labels in Canada Within the Segment Combined

LogoJoseph Gulesserian, President of Today’s Concepts said, that “Fruiteen proves once again that Private Label Brands get stuck in second gear, when trying to be everything to everyone with their one-size-fits-all strategies, especially within the HBA category”. He also went on to say, “Fruiteen™, with its combined price, emotional differentiation and intergenerational strategy, knows how to appeal to both the emotional and rational side of the consumer psyche”. With the current economic backdrop, Fruiteen™, as well as our other Brands are uniquely positioned to really come alive with a tight-fisted consumer that still demands an emotional charge.

Today's Concepts Brands

LogoToday’s Concepts, a Canadian Company, develops and brings to market Health & Beauty Care Brands (HBC), which provides a compelling combination of image, aggressive pricing and performance for the consumer.