Tom Hess Music Corporation

Virtuoso Guitarist Tom Hess Joins Rhapsody of Fire

After already selling more than 1.5 million records worldwide, the Italian epic metal band Rhapsody of Fire (upcoming release "From Chaos To Eternity", June 17, 2011) recruits the world's most successful online guitar teacher and virtuoso guitarist Tom Hess to join the band.

Results of Study Reveal Why Many Guitar Teachers Don't Get a Lot of Students

Survey results identify the reasons why most guitar teachers do not succeed at attracting a lot of guitar students.

Survey Uncovers 5 Reasons Why Guitar Teachers Struggle To Become Successful Teaching Guitar

An online guitar teaching test identifies the most common reasons why guitar teachers struggle with building a successful guitar teaching business.

Guitar Players Save Time, Money And Frustration By Learning How To Find The Best Guitar Teacher

After teaching over 50,000 music lessons to over 1000 guitar students, and mentoring guitar teachers all over the world on how to teach guitar effectively, Tom Hess releases a free e-guide to help guitar students find the best guitar teacher for them.