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Revealed - Up to a Third of Office Workers Feel That Their Workplace Is Unclean: Top Cleaners Respond

Recent research has drawn attention to the importance of addressing unclean offices – as revelations of a number of issues in Ireland are expected to have similar implications in the UK. Office supply company Viking has raised the point that one in three office workers admit to feeling that their workplace is unclean. Other related statistics showed significant failings in terms of cleanliness; with up to 70% of people only choosing to clean their desk every few months. This highlights that many offices may be an unsanitary state - something which needs to be addressed to enhance worker positivity and productivity.

Reports Draw Attention to Rising 'Indoor Pollution' Risk: Top Cleaners Comments

A number of newspaper features have drawn attention to what is known as the increasing issue of 'indoor pollution': a situation where modern, highly-insulated houses could be contributing to negative health. Consideration of this issue comes particularly just after Christmas and New Year – as this is a time of year when many have been artificially scenting their houses with candles, cleaners and air fresheners. A number of studies have highlighted that heavy usage of cleaning products and agents in our homes during the winter months could thus be a kind of 'pollution' – as exposing people to chemicals and additives, incubated by warm housing. A constructive way forward is seen to be the use of professional, safe cleaning products and well-spaced intense cleans, rather than small sessions of heavy product use.

A Cleaner Office Could Unlock Greater Work Productivity: Top Cleaners Comments

As the New Year begins, a significant business focus is set to be upon the productivity and efficiency of staff. After all, this is a time of year when budgets are often tight and there a number of working objectives in place. The focus on productivity has been emphasized by a recent feature in the Huffington Post, a prominent online newspaper, emphasizing that the best businesses will be making moves to address the issue. An often-cited method to improve workplace efficiency is through having a clean space, something industry expert Top Cleaners was keen to respond to and comment on.

How Harshly We Judge Other People's Homes Is Revealed

According to a recent survey carried out by Direct Blinds, almost half of us admit to casting judgment on a person in light of their home; so perhaps considering friends in a different light after attending a party at their place! With the next few months bringing the usual festivities –gatherings and get-togethers – a little more cleaning of the home might be a worthwhile consideration.

Failing to Keep Properties Clean Is Leading to Major Fines: Top Cleaners Comments

Recent news reports have highlighted the importance of good house maintenance, especially when it comes to responsible ownership. A landlord was repeatedly served notices by St Helens Council and was fined after he failed to improve the conditions of two properties he owned. The man faced costs of £6,160 for ignoring two untidy Land and Property notices he had been presented with under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. This highlights the essential importance of keeping houses in a clean and presentable condition – it is a legal requirement - something emphasized by specialists in the area such as Top Cleaners.

Keeping Clean Is the Ultimate Way to Optimise the Workplace: Top Cleaners Comments

Recent research carried out by Initial Hygiene has revealed some interesting attitudes to workplace hygiene and cleanliness. In a survey, it was found that 43% of women believed that their male colleagues were unhygienic and did not wash their hands. There was evident difference in gender attitudes however – as 89% of men were shown to believe that their female colleagues washed their hands. The survey appears part of rising interest in optimising working conditions, especially in terms of health and cleanliness.

Stanford Hospital Introducing Help for Doctors, Including Cleaning Services, Top Cleaners Responds

Leading UK cleaning company, Top Cleaners, has recently commented on Stanford Hospital's new scheme, which sees doctors receiving a number of services to prevent them from burning out or 'burn out', with their work.

Researchers Discover Thousands of Microbes in House Dust, Top Cleaners Responds

Leading UK cleaning company, Top Cleaners, have recently commented on the discovery of thousands of microbes discovered in house dust, by the University of Colorado, at Boulder, with bacteria from fungi and skin being common variants.

House Pricing Drops in Top London Boroughs: Top Cleaners Comments

Leading London cleaning company, Top Cleaners, have recently commented on news which reveals that house prices have dropped in top London Boroughs, making it more affordable for people to move.

Dirty Equipment Found in Hospital Prompts Complaints About Its Cleaning

Following an inspection by the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate, it has emerged that Edinburgh Royal Infirmary have been told to improve their cleaning after inspectors found it was not up to standard. Birthing balls and half of cot bed mattresses were found to be contaminated and other dirty equipment was found leading to complaints and concerns about the hygiene standards in the hospital.