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Filip Sedic: The Only Way Forward Is Through Innovation

LogoFrom how we communicate to how we travel, recent years have seen technology dramatically transform multiple aspects of our lives. And yet, when it comes to skincare and oral care, change has been not just slow - but practically nonexistent. Now, an increasingly knowledgeable consumer base is demanding more, as brands finally wake up to the fact that when it comes to beauty, one size most definitely doesn't fit all.

Filip Sedic Brings Professional-Level Skincare Treatments Into the Home

LogoIn launching FOREO, Bosnian-born Swedish inventor Filip Sedic challenged the established status quo of skincare by making professional-level treatments available to all. Once linked exclusively to high-end salons, or expensive products and tools, skincare was seen as a luxury that was beyond the reach of many. With FOREO, Filip changed that, bringing revolutionary beauty technology to a market that had remained unchanged for decades.

FOREO's CEO Listed as a Top Business Idol

LogoMeet the man behind the world's fastest-growing beauty tech company: Filip Sedic, founder and CEO of FOREO. Since 2013, the Bosnian-born Swede has led a global team in creating forward-thinking solutions spanning oral care to skincare. Adding to a long list of accolades and awards, Filip was recently profiled on Top Business Idol, joining well-known entrepreneurs including Bill Gates and Elon Musk.

With FOREO, "Lazy Pretty Girls" Is No Longer a Dream

LogoAt CES 2018, FOREO, the Sweden-based brand known for creating highly advanced at-home skin care tools and toothbrushes, launched its latest beauty product, FOREO UFO. This is the world's first smart mask treatment that provides spa-level facial treatment in only 90 seconds.

If Masking Is Too Time-Consuming, Try Foreo UFO

LogoAt this year's CES, the world's leading tech manufacturers showed off their latest products, newest gadgets, and best innovations. Foreo, a high-end personal care brand from Sweden, brought its newest smart mask treatment tool, Foreo UFO. Compared with the traditional sheet mask, this facial mask is not only practically improved, but also provides an innovative masking experience that impresses many users.

Filip Sedic from FOREO Starts a Skin Care Revolution with UFO

LogoFOREO, an innovative Sweden-based brand whose products has occupied 70% of the Chinese facial cleanser market, showed off its new smart mask treatment FOREO UFO this year. This product is set to set off a new global skin care revolution and guides the future skin care trend.

Foreo Proves That Skin Care Products Can Be Both Cute and Useful

LogoFrom the first LUNA to this year's UFO, FOREO has done a lot to revolutionize the beauty world and has been known for its lovely skincare gadgets. In just 5 short years, the company has been receiving international accolades for their cutting-edge design, branding, and innovation, such as ICMAD City Award for Package Design Innovation: Skincare Face and Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2017 for Love at First Sight. Filip Sedic, the founder of the brand, points out that it is because the brand has combined the Nordic design with state-of-the-art beauty technology.

Foreo Makes Beauty Care a Fun Experience

LogoAs a pioneer brand that combines beauty and practicality, Foreo has made beauty and skin care no longer monotonous. This Sweden-based company, with ten years of product research and development, has set off a new revolution in the field of electric beauty in the Chinese market and has long been popular on women's dressing tables.

FOREO's Filip Sedic Wants to Create Skin Care Products of the Next Generation with Nordic Design and Technology

LogoFOREO, a celebrated Sweden-based innovator in beauty care, has revolutionized the way to care for oneself via smart and effective technology. A facial cleansing brush called LUNA has spread all over the world and has become a sought-after product for cleansing and skin care. Today, this product from a 4-year-old company has occupied a large part of the market share.

Filip Sedic: Meet the Mainstay of the Company Which Vogue Called "Revolutionary"

LogoSince entering the Chinese market a few years ago, FOREO, a Sweden-based beauty device brand, has become popular on girl's dressers. As the first company which applies medical silicone to facial cleansing devices, it is taking the beauty industry by storm and its LUNA range has already received widespread coverage in magazines such as Glamour and Vogue.