Traffic Marshal Training

More Construction Companies Get Their Staff Qualified

LogoTraffic Marshall, a leading Health and Safety (H&S) course provider to the construction industry in London, has announced record numbers of attendees on its certified, one-day Banksman (traffic marshal) training courses.

Intercity Technical Training Launches New Course for Banksmen

LogoBanksmen are sometimes known as traffic marshals. They are responsible for the safe direction of traffic around a site. All Banksmen are required to complete a recognised training scheme by the Health and Safety Executive. Such training ensures that companies meet legal requirements and reduces the risk of accidents while vehicles are moving or reversing around a site. It is absolutely crucial training since nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur while a vehicle is reversing. By undertaking suitable training, employee safety can be guaranteed and it becomes possible to avoid costly claims following accidents.

Traffic Marshal Training Launches Their New Website

LogoConstruction, Events Management and Security – all those sectors now require their staff to have traffic marshal-banksman training so they stay compliant with the Health and Safety regulations.