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TravelCare Mexico Offering a Limited Discount Promotion on Mexico Travel Care Services

LogoTravelCare Mexico was founded on the belief that Mexico travel should be stress free under all circumstances. With the holidays coming up, many people are planning their trips to Mexico and TravelCare Mexico is offering promotional codes to help everyone save money while staying safe. The discount applies to the travel care package covering Medical, Legal and Roadside assistance first responder services. Access to this promotion can be gained by using the following discount code: TCM0914D

TravelCare Mexico Offering a Range of Mexico Travel Discounts

LogoTravelCare Mexico is best known for providing a comprehensive range of real-time first responder services covering medical, legal and roadside problems for Mexico travel. In addition to these services however, TravelCare clients are automatically entitled to a huge range of discount coupons to use on their Mexico vacation. The discounts can be redeemed across the entire country, from Cancun to Oaxaca, at hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, museums, pharmacies, beauty salons and many more.

Real-Time Legal Assistance in Mexico with TravelCare Mexico

LogoWhen travelling to Mexico, the last thing on many peoples mind is the possibility of encountering legal problems. Although it is not a common experience, legal problems in Mexico can be encountered for a wide variety of reasons. Dealing with these kinds of problems as they arise can be a stressful experience when you are in a country where you do not fully understand local legal procedures and perhaps do not have full spanish language proficiency.

Medical Assistance in Mexico with TravelCare Mexico

LogoWhile on vacation or a business trip in Mexico, the last thing on anyones mind is the possibility of needing medical assistance. If an accident does happen to occur it is easily possible to be unaware of the best way to obtain the required level of help, leading to further stress and difficulty.

Roadside Assistance Services for Mexico Travel by TravelCare Mexico

LogoWhen problems are encountered on the road, it can be a stressful experience to deal with even at the best of times. While on vacation or doing business in Mexico, experiencing these problems can be even worse due to a lack of familiarity with the language and inadequate roadside provisions. TravelCare Mexico includes roadside assistance services as standard in its travel care package, which also includes real time assistance help for Medical and Legal issues. The comprehensive roadside assistance service is valid both for the use of private vehicles and rental cars. 24/7 help available through a dedicated real time call service.

TravelCare Mexico Is the Ultimate Mexico Travel Companion

LogoTravelCare Mexico was founded on the belief that traveling to Mexico should be a fun and stress free experience by ensuring that if some misfortune should occur you have a team of bilingual professionals at your service 24/7 to help put things right.