Trutanich for City Attorney

Carmen Trutanich Wins More Key Endorsements

LogoFormer Gang Prosecutor and Environmental Attorney Carmen Trutanich has been endorsed by both the Los Angeles Airport Police Supervisors Association and the California Narcotics Officers' Association.

Carmen Trutanich Challenges Jack Weiss to Pledge to Serve

LogoCarmen Trutanich is fed up with politicians using the office of City Attorney for their own political ambition.

March 3, 2009: Election of Los Angeles City Attorney

LogoThe city of Los Angeles will not elect the Front-Runner for Los Angeles City Attorney, they will elect the people's choice. The Office of the City Attorney is an important player in the economic and business life of the city. Working with all city departments and agencies, the Office of City Attorney is significantly involved in nearly all the issues and problems the city confronts.