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Discover Why This Mortgage Industry Professional Is Massively Increasing His Marketing ‘budget’ in an Economy Right on the Brink of Recession

If you listen to the conventional wisdom, you’d believe the mortgage industry was “dead in the water” and any sane broker or loan officer would be best advised to find a nice “safe” career in another industry.

Contrarian Chicago Entrepreneur Reveals The Secret Phenomenon That Made Him as Much Income in 12 Months As He’d Made in the Last 12 Years, Even in the Middle of a Recession

Listening to the pundits you’d believe America was in for another recession... and maybe it is... BUT ONLY IF you buy into it!

How a Bed-ridden Maryland Mortgage Broker Effortlessly Raked-in $48,291.33 in Fees - Without Leaving His Hospital Bed

With the credit markets undergoing a “meltdown,” banks in the United Kingdom collapsing under $4 BILLION “runs”…the Fed & the European Central Bank pumping in HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars to shore-up “catastrophically weak” economies…all the panic & hysteria of the so-called “credit crunch” has not prevented 1 mortgage broker from leveraging the secret knowledge of outspoken & unconventional consumer advocate & sub-prime mortgage industry veteran & expert, Scott Tucker.