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Drumming Workouts Come to Tuff Fitness Gym with High Intensity "POUND" Classes Announced

LogoTuff Girl Fitness, LLC announces a brand new cardio toning class called "Pound. Rockout. Workout". No other gym or fitness center in the Tri-Valley offers this unique workout which Tuff Girl sees as a full-body cardio jam session. "POUND" is a workout using Ripstix, a drumstick which is slightly heavier and shorter than a regular drumstick, colored green so the brain can better sub-consciously detect its motion. Even a non-musician can keep the rhythm during a "Pound. Rockout. Workout". A fusion of rhythm, cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses goes into the 45 minute workout. Participants can expect to burn between 600 and 900 calories per hour while strengthening and sculpting infrequently used muscles. The moves are easy to follow and non-complex. These are cardio exercises using strength training and drumming. Tuff Girl says "POUND" is used to work the entire body and raise the heart rate to a fat-burning zone with moves as precise as a basic beat.

Nutrition Program Teaches How and What to Eat at Tuff Girl Fitness

LogoTuff Girl Fitness introduces their 6-Week Better Body Nutrition Program. Designed for men and women who struggle with knowing what to eat, the fine tuning of proteins, carbs and fats will be covered along with discussions of dieting systems and lifestyle choice. Those interested in the nutrition program can attend in person at the Tuff Girl Fitness center in Livermore, CA or as an At-Home Study.