Turbo Wax

Hashtag Contest for Automotive Detailing Products from Turbo Wax

Turbo Wax automotive detailing products is continuing their hashtag contest and allowing it to include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Anyone who has purchased the car care products is eligible to enter with a chance to win prizes directly from the manufacturer. To enter the contest, customers can sign up for a free VIP membership and then post a picture of their vehicle with their Turbo Wax item and include the hashtag of the company name. The contest has already yielded hundreds of entries on social media and new signups to the membership club.

Turbo Wax Launches Discount Program on Car Care Products

Turbo Wax Car Care Products Distributor is offering free memberships through their website. The memberships will include newsletters, tips for taking care of your vehicle as well as discounts on several automotive detailing products the company offers online. The goal of the campaign is to get people to sign up with the company so that they can learn more about the advantages of these options as well as proper ways to run their own business.

Hashtag Car Care Products Contest from Turbo Wax

Turbo Wax car cleaning products manufacturer is currently running a hashtag contest via their social media platforms. Any customer can post a photo of their vehicle, using either the hashtag or tagging the company in the photo and have a chance to win. Entrants may also see their images of their vehicles and the car care products be used on social media. The campaign is meant to not only showcase real customer experience with the items, but also to help raise awareness of local vehicle washing businesses.

Wholesale Car Cleaning Products Turbo Wax & Consultation Immediately Today

Turbo Wax wholesale car cleaning products are available online for purchase and the company is also launching a new campaign to educate small business owners on the best options and tactics for marketing, customer service, how to reach the consumer and other options. There is also information about waterless car wash products which is a popular option for traveling businesses where owners are traveling to different locations to clean their clients' vehicles while they are at home or at work.

Turbo Wax Offering Car Paint Detailing Kit

Turbo Wax car paint detailing kit and other accessories are available on their site as well as opportunities to sign up for free services, discounts on products and other options. The company, which sells car detailing polishing kits online, focuses on being an authority on DIY carwash inquiries and products. The site offers information on improving the quality of a wash, monthly blogs and more.

Turbo Wax Offers VIP Club Membership & Car Polishing Kit Discounts

Turbo Wax car polishing kit is announcing free services and promotions that will take place on their site as well as on their social media platforms. The services will include an updated blog, monthly newsletter with discounts, helpful tips and a social media promotion for prizes. The purpose of the added services is to not only establish the brand but to provide the public with important information regarding car detailing polishing kits, maintenance and more.