Tyson Technology Co. Ltd.

High Quality Laser Modules Now Available for Industries That Are in Search of Them

Interesting news for those who are on the look-out for various types of laser modules. The China-based Tyson Technology Co. LTD., offers a wide range of laser modules such as the red laser module, green laser module, infrared laser module or IR laser module, beam expander laser module, blue laser module and fiber coupled lasers that include dot laser modules, line laser modules, and cross laser modules. According to Tyson Technology, the laser modules they offer are widely used in testing detection instruments, military equipment, laser medical equipment, power tools, laser swinger and other instruments used for laser marking, laser ranging, barcode scanning, location identification, experimental teaching, measuring ranging, cutting, marking, and so on. They are used for stage lighting and creating laser landmarks as well.

The Search for Laser Products and the Smallest Laser Module Ends with This Company

Those who are on the look-out for laser products and more particularly, a very small laser module, may be interested in the news that Tyson Technology Co. LTD., is offering these products and has designed the smallest laser module of size 4mm. According to Tyson Technology Co. Ltd., they are a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged and specialized in laser products as well as the the R&D related to them. They add that they have designed this very small laser module because the market and customers have evinced an interest in it.

High Quality IR/Infrared Laser Illuminator Products Are Now Available for High-Speed Boat Navigators

Tyson Technology, a High-tech enterprise based in China, is offering IR/infrared laser illuminator products and this may be good news for those who are interested in these items. Tyson Technology points out that the IR laser illuminator they are offering can be used for high-speed boat navigation during nights.