UK Contract Partners

UK Contract Partners Weighs in on High Court's Accelerated Payment Notice Ruling

UK Contract Partners published at the company's website a new analysis of a recent High Court decision upholding the legality of HMRC's Accelerated Payment Notice, or APN, tactic. When contractors in the United Kingdom take part in tax avoidance schemes HMRC proposes to challenge, a provision of the Finance Act 2014 allows HMRC to demand tax payment within 90 days and before the legality of the arrangement has been determined.

UK Contract Partners Expands Options for Independent Contractors

Independent contractors wondering how to avoid ir35 will find they have options. One may establish an umbrella company, a limited company or make use of an existing limited company to maximize their earning potential and flexibility without running afoul of the legal requirements concerning independent contractors. UK Contract Partners assists those in this situation, offering a variety of solutions to meet each contractor's unique needs, and one can make use of the free, no obligation assessment to determine which option best meets their needs.

UK Contract Partners Releases New Report on Growing East of England Contracting Scene

UK Contract Partners, one of the United Kingdom's top contractor support services, released an informative new report focusing on the booming East of England high-technology contracting scene. Available at the UK Contract Partners website, the new report exposes a strong surge of growth in contracting opportunities in eastern England, fueled by, among other forces, great demand from the National Health Services for skilled technology contractors. A one-stop shop for contractors in the United Kingdom, UK Contract Partners provides all-in-one umbrella-company setup and maintenance services that help contractors cut their tax bills, avoid ir35, and better enjoy the rewards of contractor status.

UK Contract Partners Announces Clients Receive a Free iPad Mini After Six Months

UK Contract Partners announces they are providing clients with a free iPad Mini worth £319 once they have been a client for six months. Individuals find this is a nice bonus on top of the income they are saving by working with this company. Actually, anyone looking to avoid ir35 should definitely check this company out, as they show clients the money and provide a free gift while doing so.

UK Contract Partners Explains IR35 for Clients

UK Contract Partners understands that many individuals worry about HMRC concerns and admin headaches when establishing contracts. They work with clients to explain how contracts works and why an individual doesn't need to worry when establishing an ir35 contract, as they offer a solution which avoids this problem. With the help of UK Contract Partners, clients find they can retain a higher percentage of their income safely and remain 100 percent compliant.