Ultra Sabers

New Lightsaber with LED Driver Presented by Ultra Sabers

LogoThe Emerald Saber, now available at Ultra Sabers, contains the most versatile LED driver in the saber industry. Users of this innovative saber will be pleased with the adaptability of the product, as they are able to control all functions of the light. Persons may download the software for the Emerald driver through the company’s website and then begin fine-tuning the saber to their tastes. Virtually any color can be created for the lightsaber. By adjusting the 4 color channels available for the saber—red, green, blue, and white—the user can generate a vast option of colors.

Ultra Sabers Showcases Obsidian USB Sound Fonts

LogoTo make their customized lightsabers look and feel even more real, Ultra Sabers is pleased to offer complimentary sound fonts for personal use. A soundboard sound font is a compilation of sound effects to give a lightsaber for Ultra Sabers that unique touch. Each font includes a power on, power off, boot up, lock up, idle hum, multiple clash and multiple motion sound effects. Some sound fonts include sounds made by, inspired by, or mixed by Novastar.

Ultra Sabers Introduces the New Scorpion with Sound

LogoUltrasabers today unveiled the new Scorpion lightsaber with sound. This saber features a flanged emitter with windows in the emitter and directly below the emitter. When the blade is illuminated the window provides an extra flare for this unique lightsaber. Another stand out feature on this saber is the claw on the emitter. With the pattern on the back of the claw and the unique curvature of the claw it adds a flare that only the Scorpion offers that will make this a stand out saber in any arsenal.

Ultra Sabers Allows Fans to Create Their Own Lightsaber

LogoUltra Sabers, a leading retailer of lightsaber replicas, makes it possible for movie fans to bring their vision for the most elegant weapon in the universe to life. With a wide selection of emitters, blades and accessories, clients can create their very own, one-of-a-kind lightsaber – whether they choose the dark side or the light. Shoppers can choose from a selection of bodies, claws, emitters, and even electronics to power their very own custom lightsaber.

Ultra Sabers Launches SaberForum.com

LogoUltra Sabers, the leader in customizable lightsaber replicas, recently launched a new forum for fans where they can interact and share ideas, best practices, stories, photos and more. Ultra Saber encourages all clients to join the forum and stay on top of the latest trends and new lightsaber products. Customizing and collecting lightsaber replicas is more fun when fans share their experiences with one another and the Ultra Saber forums allows like-minded people to interact in a safe and friendly online community.

Build Your Own Light Saber at Ultra Sabers LLC

LogoWith the help of Ultra Sabers LLC, it is now possible to build your own real lightsaber. Ultra Sabers LLC is a manufacturer of custom replica lightsabers for use in sword play or costumes.

Ultra Sabers Announces the Ultrasaber Scorpion

LogoUltra Sabers, one of the leading Star Wars lightsaber makers, is excited to announce the arrival of its new Ultrasaber Scorpion. The premier lightsaber proudly sports the latest features and design innovations to make it a truly one of a kind experience.

Sabers Come Equipped with Custom Premium Obsidian Soundboard

LogoUltra Sabers, a premier Star Wars lightsaber maker, is happy to announce that its sabers come with the custom Premium Obsidian soundboard. Now, customers can get lightsabers that capture the exciting sounds of a lightsaber duel and feature amazing customization options.

Ultra Sabers Highlights Their Star Wars Light Saber

LogoLightsaber replica company Ultra Sabers is now highlighting their realistic Star Wars light sabers. Their popular Star Wars light sabers are just one of the many kinds of light sabers they offer.

Ultra Sabers Announces Annual Sale

LogoNo Star Wars costume would be complete, without a real lightsaber, and Ultra Sabers announces the annual sale -- just in time for this festive holiday. Jedis and Siths will enjoy 10 percent off all Star Wars lightsabers with sound from Ultra Sabers. To receive the discount, simply enter code “10offsound” at checkout. The sale ends on October 23, and Star Wars lightsabers ordered during the Halloween sale are guaranteed to arrive by October 31.